Discover Icicle’s Comprehensive Features

Icicle is an award-winning software program that works for companies of all sizes. Find out why:

Create Food Safety Plans

It’s never been easier to generate a HACCP or HARPC plan. Icicle’s smart technology recommends ingredients and hazards for your business.

Link Procedures & Programs

Icicle saves your Standard Operating Procedures in one place, making it easy to retrieve them for inspections and flag each one for review.

Up Your Traceability Game

Icicle supports the whole traceability cycle. Track your ingredients, materials, and packaging; generate labels; and create production records.

Manage Non-Conformities

React to incidents in real-time using Icicle’s intelligent database. Find the root cause of production deviations and define your preventative measures.

Internet of Things

Collect measurements like water, time, and temp readings or define your own. Send alerts to your phone when thresholds are exceeded.

Conduct Inspections

Use Icicle’s documentation system to conduct and prepare for inspections. Define your parameters and monitor inspections in real-time, anywhere.

Keep your data secure

Icicle is a smart & safe place to monitor you business

Icicle is trusted by hundreds of facilities worldwide and is home to almost one million products, which are stored in a high-security cloud database.

Icicle is a dynamic, intelligent, and reliable information channel that gives you control over your production process from anywhere, at any time.

Get Started With Icicle
Getting started is easy

Build a production system and learn about food safety

No matter what kind of food producer your are, Icicle will help you build up the documentation and production management cycle you need. Icicle gives you smart suggestions as you go along, and its lightweight interface makes it incredibly simple to input your products, formulas, and hazards.

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