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Food Safety

Food safety and quality is the foundation of Icicle. Icicle builds a dynamic model of your business and gathers information from your entire workforce so you can comply with regulations such as FSMA and SFCA and meet standards such as GFSI faster than ever, with minimal effort.

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Automatically Generate HACCP Plans

Create a HACCP plan from start to finish in as little as a few hours or days and generate documents automatically with one click.

Achieve the Highest Levels of Food Safety

Benefit from hazard suggestions, identification, and control from the world’s largest food safety database, including food fraud and bioterrorism.

Move to Electronic Documents

More than just document storage, Icicle fully integrates your data and automates your production processes with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

Prevent + Manage Incidents

Prevent and respond to incidents with confidence through Icicle’s Incident Management infrastructure with predefined corrective actions, tasks, deadlines, training, and linked procedures.

HACCP Plans Interconnect For A Robust Food Safety System

Icicle’s HACCP plans aren’t one-dimensional – they are linked with your entire operation.

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Getting Villa Cappelli HACCP Ready For FDA Inspections

Check out how Icicle enabled Villa Cappelli to do food safety right and pass FDA inspections in just 6 weeks.

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Complete Traceability

Icicle’s Traceability lets you track and trace the entire production flow from receiving and inventory management through multiple iterations of complex production processes, all the way to shipping to the end user.

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Track Lot Codes for Precision

Icicle tracks lot codes for ingredients, packaging, materials, products, and parts for complete, closed-circuit traceability.

Track Unlimited Precursor Products

Icicle can handle all aspects of your production process to trace transformations of ingredients through multiple stages to reduce paperwork and the scale of a recall.

Conduct Surgical Recalls

Icicle’s automatic mass balance calculations will tell you which items and precursor products are affected by a recall and where they are in just a few minutes.

Achieve GS1 Compliance

Icicle generates GS1-compliant traceability barcodes that can be scanned and work seamlessly with suppliers and customers.

Automate Traceability with Icicle’s Enhanced Track and Trace

The best way to do traceability is not to do any work at all – and that’s how we built traceability into Icicle.

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Integrated Traceability is Key for FreeYumm’s Allergen-Free Snacks: A Case Study

Discover how Icicle helped FreeYumm conquer their complex traceability and vendor management challenges.

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Quality Control

Icicle’s full suite of quality assurance tools integrates with production, procurement, logistics, laboratory management, and more, so your QA Manager can gather, analyze, and distribute information to auditors, inspectors, and customers with ease.

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Automatically Generate Certificates of Analysis

Icicle helps you specify quality parameters for your products, measure them during production, and easily generate CoAs to confirm that quality standards are met.

Test + Monitor

Set up personalized lab test templates, create and record lab tests, generate barcode labels and accurately track individual samples with Icicle’s laboratory management features.

Trend Quality Data

With Icicle’s trending capabilities and the handy QA Dashboard, you can set quality control parameters and measure changes over time to detect positive or negative trends and take action.

Easily Manage Certifications

Integration with Supplier Management and other features allows you to ensure supplier certifications are up-to-date at a glance.

How to Prepare for SQF Certification with Icicle

Icicle’s smart food manufacturing software makes it easy to obtain and maintain SQF Certification.

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Automation & Quality: An Interview with Ontario Pride Eggs

Explore how Icicle helped Ontario Pride Eggs automate processes to deliver safer, better quality products.

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Supplier Management

Icicle’s makes it easy to manage large numbers of suppliers and certifications by integrating information across departments in a single system. Electronic records ensure that all your suppliers are approved for food safety and third-party certifications like SQF, vegan, or Kosher.

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Define Suppliers + Certification Records

Define suppliers, create unlimited types of certification records, and upload digital copies to the cloud so all supplier information is in one place.

Schedule Renewals

Stay on top of supplier certifications by scheduling renewals in advance so that tasks and reminders are sent out automatically.

Conduct Assessments

Conduct assessments and use Icicle’s statistical analysis engine to assign risk levels for bioterrorism and food fraud, allowing you to automatically generate VACCP and TACCP plans.

Cut Down on Paperwork

Icicle integrates Supplier Management with purchasing and receiving so you don’t have to deal with duplicate data and errors.

The Technology Behind Automated Supplier Management

Discover how Icicle food manufacturing software makes managing multiple suppliers a simple task.

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Streamlining Supplier Management for FreeYumm

Discover how Icicle helped FreeYumm manage multiple suppliers with ease and achieve their goal of producing safe, healthy, tasty allergen-free snacks.

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Inventory Management

Icicle’s Inventory Management works specifically for food companies by tracking ingredients, products, packaging, materials, and parts with lot codes. You can manage the flow of inventory through multiple inventory locations within your facility or between related facilities.

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Streamline Receiving

Icicle integrates receiving with procurement so that receivers can identify incorrect shipments and auto-fill data from purchase orders to avoid duplicate data entry and errors.

Streamline Shipping

Inventory Management is also integrated with sales orders so shippers can move products to approved shipments directly from picking interfaces that are optimized for mobile devices.

Control Allergens + Prevent Recalls

Icicle warns your staff when incoming ingredients contain allergens so that they can segrate ingredients and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, which is the source of half of all recalls.

Maximize Shelf Life + Profit

Icicle’s intelligent production run and picking interfaces suggests the order for item selection according to FIFO protocol so you don’t end up with stale inventory or ship out products with insufficient shelf life.

Creating a Centralized Data Hub for The Chai Company

Icicle enabled The Chai Company to easily track everything and manage inventory across multiple facilities.

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Production Management

With Icicle, you can plan production with the assurance that you have optimal quantities of ingredients, materials, and packaging necessary to keep production lines running smoothly and the data to ensure consistency, safety, and quality.

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Maintain Oversight + Control

Icicle’s Production Dashboard shows you how production progresses for any time period so you can evaluate and trend production with KPI indicators and reports.

Optimize Efficiency + Reduce Waste

Use Icicle to plan production and book your sales orders and it will automatically forecast how much ingredients, materials, and packaging you will need and suggest the order of use.

Integrate Production with Your Operations

Icicle tracks inventory with GS1 barcodes to ensure that a complete traceability record is always available with real-time data.

Boost Quality + Collaboration

Icicle integrates with other departments like Quality Assurance so your workforce can work together seamlessly.

Managing a Complex Operation: A Case Study with The Chai Company

With Icicle, The Chai Company can handle complex production runs involving multiple facilities with ease.

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Maintenance Management

Take a proactive stance on maintenance by orchestrating equipment maintenance, reducing downtime, and optimizing production to ensure safety and protect profit. Maintenance Management ensures that preventative maintenance tasks are completed on time and with consistent outcomes.

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Organize Maintenance

Define maintenance teams, equipment, parts, and maintenance templates for commonly undertaken maintenance tasks to streamline work.

Assign + Schedule Tasks

Generate tasks for individuals or teams that display for employees in a calendar and assign recurring tasks according to availability and specific job requirements.

Create + Schedule Work

Workers can create work requests when they notice problems with equipment and managers can manage the flow of work orders based on specific priorities, urgency, and availability of staff.

Optimize Equipment Utilization

Each piece of equipment in Icicle has a dashboard for you to track uptime and scheduled and unscheduled downtime, which flows into the trending interface so you can see maintenance trends over time.

When Maintenance Management and Food Safety Come Together

Here are all the cool things Maintenance Management can do when integrated into a food manufacturing software.

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Sales & Orders

Icicle integrates sales with receiving and shipping to simplify your day-to-day operations. By creating and recording your sales orders in Icicle, you also feed information into your production planning and shipping to ensure that the right product goes to the right customer at the right time.

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Sales Dashboard

Icicle’s Sales Dashboard provides KPIs such as most commonly purchased products, best performing salesperson, and most active customers. It also trends information so you can keep an eye on your sales direction.

Sales Orders

Create Sales Orders to track and manage your customer orders. Our predictive algorithm displays the most frequently purchased products first and get smarter as you use it.

Never Run Out of Ingredients Again

Purchasing Suggestions complies information from Sales Orders, planned production, and reorder thresholds to show you which ingredients, materials, and packaging you have and how much you need, so you can always be ready to go.

Streamline Sales Process

Sales Orders are integrated with Inventory Management and Logistics, allowing you to pick the best products from different warehouse locations according to shelf life and get them onto the right truck on time.

7 Icicle Sales Management Features to Improve Your Food Business

Icicle brings your operations together to create Sales features that support the successful sales teams of tomorrow.

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Accounting & Food Manufacturing Software: Icicle’s Integration with QuickBooks

Food manufacturers can enjoy the benefits of both QuickBooks and Icicle at the same time.

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Audit Management

Icicle draws information from seven different major departments and combines them into one consolidated database that is easily accessible to QA managers and always up-to-date. With Icicle, food safety audits, GFSI audits like SQF, and third-party audits are a breeze.

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Dramatically Cut Down on Paperwork

Any change you make in Icicle is automatically updated throughout the whole system so your information is always up-to-date and you can meet auditor requests quickly and easily.

Shorten Audits

Not only does Icicle make preparing for audits way faster, our users report that audits are up to 40% shorter with Icicle.

Maintain an Audit Trail + Change Log

Impress auditors with granular visibility into changes since your last audit so auditors can focus on new information.

Grant Optional Access to Inspectors

With Icicle, you can choose to provide limited access to inspectors so that they can conduct off-site documentation reviews.

4 Ways Icicle Makes Food Safety Audits a Breeze

Icicle enables food manufacturers to keep track of everything and stay audit-ready all the time.

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How to Prepare for SQF Certification with Icicle

Icicle’s smart food manufacturing software makes it easy to obtain and maintain SQF Certification.

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IoT Integration

Improve monitoring, reduce waste, and avoid serious incidents by connecting IoT devices with Icicle to automatically measure data points such as temperature, pH levels, and flow rate.

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Connect Sensors to Icicle

Icicle’s pre-configured logging system can be implemented by our partners or integrated directly with existing SCADA systems.

Monitor Key Indicators

Collect and monitor data remotely with automated sensors. The logging dashboard displays the most important readings with colour-coded warnings.

Prevent Disasters

High-end and low-end critical thresholds simply aren’t enough. Go one step further with Icicle by setting up operational thresholds to receive immediate warnings before situations become critical.

Data Trending

Trend data values over time to detect emerging problems before they occur and take preventative actions in advance.

Icicle Facilitates Real-Time Monitoring for Ontario Pride Eggs

Hear the story of how Ontario Pride Eggs stay ahead of the game with Icicle’s real-time reporting and alerts.

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Icicle and Bell Team Up to Deliver Innovative IoT Solution to Food Industry

Learn more about Icicle’s partnership with Bell, Canada’s largest communications company.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Icicle’s OHS modules make it easy to satisfy any local regulatory requirements. Simply define the regulation, create your procedure documents to fulfill those requirements, and Icicle’s inspection records show proof that you maintain a high standard for health and safety.

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Satisfy Regulatory Requirements

Icicle makes it easy to create OHS teams and track and organize meetings with minutes, attendees and invitees, agendas, decisions, and assigned tasks.

Create Templates for First Aid and Near-Misses

Use Icicle’s templates or create your own to pre-define corrective actions, undertake root cause analysis, and identify preventative measures.

Track + Schedule Employee Training

With Icicle, you can identify which employees have been trained for which procedures, record who trained them, when their training expires, and schedule future training.

Trend OHS Incidents

Icicle’s trending interface provides the insight into OHS performance to ensure incidents don’t repeat and health and safety improves over time.

12 Icicle Features that Help Occupational Health and Safety Compliance

Icicle helps you fulfill OHS requirements in one easy, integrated food manufacturing software.

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