Accounting & Food Manufacturing Software: Icicle’s Integration with QuickBooks

Accounting & QuickBooks - Icicle Food Manufacturing Software

We’ve integrated with QuickBooks and this is a very big deal for small and medium-sized food manufacturers around the globe! Now small and medium-sized food manufacturers can maximize their production efficiency by incorporating their existing accounting software, QuickBooks, with Icicle’s comprehensive food manufacturing software without having to move to a hugely expensive ERP system.

Accounting Options for Food Manufacturers

Accounting software is necessary for all food businesses. For small and medium-sized food manufacturers, robust ERP systems that manage the operations and accounting of larger companies come with an impossible price tag, reaching into the tens of millions of dollars. On top of that, while most ERP systems offer inventory control and other features that relate to accounting, they do not focus on food safety or quality control. This is untenable for companies operating on smaller margins and budget constraints. For many of these food manufacturers, QuickBooks is the go-to solution that allows them to take care of their financial activities at an affordable rate while leaving operation, quality, and food safety control unaddressed.

The Big Picture for Food Manufacturers

But beyond finances, there are many other aspects of the food production process that require documentation and management—not to mention regulatory requirements and demands from customers. Hundreds of companies worldwide find a solution in Icicle, the food manufacturing software offered by Icicle Technologies Inc. Built for food manufacturers of all sizes with the belief that the latest technology to prevent recalls and foodborne illness should be a core consideration, our pricing model means that a comprehensive solution for food safety, traceability, quality control, and more is within reach.

What Icicle Delivers for QuickBooks Users

Using Icicle and QuickBooks—two separate systems running at the same time—would normally require duplicate data entry. As our users know, we are not fans of the inefficiencies, errors, or rising costs that result, so we came up with a solution: by integrating with QuickBooks, Icicle fulfills the need of thousands of small and medium-sized food manufacturers by seamlessly integrating accounting with production management.

The Icicle-QuickBooks integration synchronizes customers, vendors, transport companies, and any other type of company, as well as ingredients, materials, sales orders, and purchase orders, and other core elements. With all this data shared between the two systems, Icicle then synchronizes any inventory transaction that occurs at a facility. Food manufacturers can now keep track of their data in one place and enjoy the benefits of both QuickBooks and Icicle at the same time.

An extra bonus: most QuickBooks users cannot track lot codes using that system alone unless they upgrade to a more expensive package. With this Icicle integration, they can track lot codes without an upgrade, benefiting from the best of both worlds.

For QuickBooks clients who have yet to adopt Icicle, all that this integration delivers enables them to get on-board with Icicle’s food manufacturing software— without risk, drastically improving the efficiency of their operations, and reducing costs.

Request a demo of Icicle now to find out how Icicle can help your business grow.

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