Icicle ERP moves food businesses forward.

The Icicle ERP system is the backbone of food companies worldwide. Our technology bridges the gap between the needs of your business and regulators, delivering an intelligent cloud-based system to manage the entire food production process – all in one place.

Icicle is built to make food even better.

We began from the belief that food safety should be simple, no matter the local regulations, types of products, or number of facilities. Through the feedback of our vibrant user community, Icicle ERP adapts to meet the unique and evolving needs of the food industry, providing a complete end-to-end solution that grows with your business.

Icicle bridges the gap to the future.

Icicle makes it easy for you to to balance the demands of running a food business against the requirements of regulators and third-party certifications. We do this by bridging the gaps in your business – the gap between food safety and quality, the gap between traceability and warehouse management, the gap between managing your suppliers and your customers – and it’s all in a single, unified digital system.

Icicle lets you focus on the important work.

Icicle isn’t digital document storage – it creates a dynamic model of your business to do the heavy lifting for you. Once your profile is complete, changes made to any part of the production process are automatically updated throughout the whole system. As a result, not only do you dramatically reduce paperwork, audit prep time, and human error – you can generate HACCP plans with just one click or tap.

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