We began from the belief that food safety should be simple.

Icicle ERP was developed in partnership with food industry experts and through feedback from the Icicle Community.
Today, our complete end-to-end solution for food manufacturers evolves to meet the changing needs of our customers to make business more profitable.
Together, we shape the future of food production.

This Is Our Story

Back in 2010, Icicle creator Steven Burton walked into the facility of a poultry processor without knowing that he would meet a problem that would occupy him for the next decade and more. He wasn’t there as a member of the food industry, but as a data architecture expert developing software for unique industries like energy, education, and healthcare.
When he saw a room filled with rows and rows of thick binders, he was shocked to find that food safety compliance was still mostly paper-based, even in 2010.
From a data management perspective, this was a problem.
Steve knew from first-hand experience the importance of food safety – not only had he had food poisoning himself, but two of his children are immuno-compromised and vulnerable to foodborne illness.
How could the food industry maintain the necessary standards for data when the key information was lying in a room of dusty paper documents?
After some thought and consultation, Steve locked himself in a room with three well-respected food safety consultants and, three years later, emerged with the beginnings of the Icicle food ERP system.
Designed with food safety at its heart, Icicle began as a tool for automating food safety procedures and documentation.
But as time went on, and Icicle users had more and more ideas for Steve, the software began to grow.
Food safety turned out to be fertile ground for building an ERP system that covers the entire food production process, intelligently extending into traceability, inventory and warehouse management, supplier management, maintenance management, and more.
With a strong background in data architecture, it was just a short leap to offer even more value with data analytics, reporting tools, and smart automation features.

These Are Our Core Values

Food Safety

We are passionate about preventing food-borne illnesses through advanced systems that make food safer. We are committed to elevating small to mid-sized food businesses to global food safety standards.


We continuously improve to provide the entire Icicle Community with feature enhancements that increase competitive advantage and ensure compliance against the latest industry standards.

Customer Focus

Developed exclusively for the food industry through feedback from the Icicle User Community, we ensure customer success through personalized service, top expertise, and customer support.


We achieve outstanding results by working together. We unify all departments from the head office to all its facilities and warehouses. Together, we multiply our contribution towards shared goals.


We build trust through honest relationships. We provide access for entire teams with no hidden costs. We are committed to doing what is best for our customers and integrate accountability into food production operations.

Data Security

We protect valuable business data with highly-secure permission-based systems that mitigate risk. We safeguard confidential information from unauthorized access, disclosure or theft.


We maintain high standards for quality in all that we do, both for our software and its positive impact on the quality of our customers’ products. We pursue the highest levels of excellence.


Our commitment to the triple bottom line goes beyond going paperless. It’s about helping our customers find new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate waste by leveraging data.

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