Maximize Profitability Honest Dumplings tripled their business with ease, managing growing operational complexity with Icicle ERP LEARN MORE Paperless Traceability Meet CFIA and FDA requirements with digitized traceability and GS1 barcode scanning functionality LEARN MORE Seamless Scale-Ups Plant-based coconut yogurt manufacturer Yoggu! achieved national distribution with Icicle ERP's end-to-end food production software LEARN MORE Drive More Efficiency Big Mountain Foods maintains audit-readiness with Icicle ERP's Traceability Features to perform mock recalls in minutes LEARN MORE Move Your Business Forward A unified solution for food production planning, costing, compliance, inventory, procurement, logistics and so much more LEARN MORE

Designed Exclusively for Food Manufacturers

Icicle's advanced food production ERP software amplifies success for small to mid-sized businesses. With proprietary smart automation technology, its unified approach to compliance management builds your team's capacity, simplifies operations, and improves productivity. Icicle ERP is designed to exceed the highest industry standards of safety and quality, delivering the edge you need to open new markets and focus on growth.

Advanced Multi-Platform ERP Software for Food Production

Icicle ERP activates efficiencies that reduce production costs, raw material waste and recall risks.

Sell to Larger Customers

Meet the Prerequisites to Expanded Distribution to Capture Market Demand
Big Mountain Foods Expands Market Reach With Icicle ERP’s Compliance Management Solution
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Maximize Your Margins

Enhance Production Planning & Costing Capabilities for Improved Profitability
TMRW Foods Scales Up with Data-Driven Systems Powered by Icicle ERP
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Lower Compliance Costs

Go Completely Paperless and Automate Data Management for Food Safety and Traceability
Hayter’s Farm Switched To Cloud-Based HACCP And Never Looked Back: A Case Study
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You Are

A food manufacturer

Serious about making improvements

Sick of doing everything manually

Committed to invest in a solution that works


Looking For An Easier Way To

Eliminate paperwork with electronic documentation

Track suppliers, traceability, inventory, yields and more

Automate production planning and just-in-time procurement

Acquire GFSI certifications like SQF and BRC

Unify processes across departments 

It’s More Than Just Software

Icicle was developed in collaboration with our users, delivering a comprehensive solution for the unique needs of small to mid-sized food and beverage manufacturers. Our commitment to customer success, expert support, and design excellence means that our software is constantly evolving to meet your pressing challenges. Our dedicated training and support team guides businesses of all sizes through today’s challenges and into future growth.

The Complete End-to-End ERP Software Solution for Food Production

Easily manage food safety, compliance, production, traceability, and more with Icicle ERP as the data management backbone to your business.

Planning & Costing

Food Safety Management

Quality Control

Complete Traceability

Inventory Management

Production Management

Maintenance Management

Supplier Management

Sales & Orders

Audit Management

IoT & Logging

Occupational Health & Safety

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