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ERP Software for Food Manufacturers

Icicle's advanced food production software is an integrated solution that connects food safety, traceability, quality assurance, inventory, procurement, production, maintenance and so much more to simplify operations and ensure compliance with the latest industry standards. We enable food processors and producers with automated, data-driven ERP software for food production that allows them to focus on profitability, growth, and long-term goals.

You’re Here Because You Are

A food or cannabis manufacturer

Serious about making improvements

Sick of doing everything manually

Committed to invest in a solution that works


Looking For An Easier Way To

Acquire GFSI certifications like SQF and BRC

Comply with regulations like SFCA and FSMA

Create HACCP based food safety program

Organize paperwork and documentation

Track suppliers, traceability, inventory, and more

Simplify processes and manage your operations

It’s Not Just Software. It’s Service.

We are always searching for ways to help our users grow and do better. If you prefer partnering with a responsible team that listens to your inquires and cares about your long-term success, then you’ve come to the right place.

Tailored ERP Software for Food Production

Easily manage food safety, compliance, production, traceability, and more with just one ERP software.

Advanced ERP Software for Food Manufacturers

Food Safety Management

Quality Control

Complete Traceability

Inventory Management

Production Management

Maintenance Management

Vendor Management

Sales & Orders

Occupational Health & Safety

A Simple Solution for All

Learn more and see what Icicle can do for you.