Icicle ERP Traceability Software Feature Overview

Complete Track and Trace Capability for Complex Production Processes

Traceability software ensures compliance, visibility and agility for food businesses. Tracking goods from the production process to the customer is a critical part of the food industry. Whether for a recall due to contamination, monitoring of ingredients, or batch-level traceability for customers requesting information about their products, traceability is an essential feature for any food manufacturer.
Icicle ERP’s traceability system allows for complete control and management of product specifications at all times. Our tracking and tracing system has the capability to produce highly accurate reports across any combination of order, lot, batch, and time frame.
In some cases, our software implementation is so intuitive that you can immediately begin producing traceability reports without having to train employees. We help you set up standard operating procedures (SOPs) and workflows for your operations to make setting up your traceability system as easy as possible.

Food Safety Software Solutions for Amplified Business Success

Managing traceability throughout global supply chains is a challenge most food manufacturers struggle to meet. And with the prevalence of recalls, foodborne illness outbreaks, and food fraud, traceability has never been more important. Icicle leverages automation technology to help you manage your inventory and production and seamlessly meet international traceability requirements. Our advanced solution generates reports based on real-time data, allowing you to conduct audits in minutes and demonstrate your business’ commitment to manufacturing excellence.
Icicle is an award-winning solution for Barcodes, recognized by G2 as a and offers integration with BarTender. Contact us today to learn how we can help you meet FSMA 204 requirements and much more.

Key Benefits

  • Implement full traceability “one step forward, one step back” at the highest industry standards (GFSI)
  • Prevent recalls and minimize incidents with real-time visibility into the entire manufacturing process
  • Integrated Warehouse Management tracks inventory at the batch-lot level via scannable GS1 barcodes from Receiving to Shipping
  • Identify root causes and implement corrective actions with a traceability system integrated with food safety and maintenance management
  • Generate instant documentation for audits and inspections, including mass balance calculations
  • Automate vendor management to achieve compliance and flexibility in the whole food supply chain
  • Easily adapt existing systems to meet new regulatory requirements and obtain third-party certifications to open new markets

Traceability Features

Complete traceability features ensure that you have the visibility required by regulatory authorities, and are able to identify specific lots of affected products with surgical precision to limit the impact of recalls. Track and trace your entire production flow through multiple iterations with ease.

Icicle integrates traceability with inventory management so you can seamlessly trace every item “one step forward, one step back” at the batch and lot code level throughout multiple facilities. Conduct traceability tests, mock recalls, and mass balance calculations in minutes. With a complete, automated traceability system based in GFSI standards for industry best practices, Icicle offers the flexibility to adapt to requirements from regulators and third-parties worldwide.

Icicle leverages preventative controls, procedures, and maintenance management tools from your food safety program to deliver granular insights into traceability incidents so you can conduct root cause analyses, generate reports, and improve traceability systems with confidence.

Icicle’s traceability system is based on the GFSI gold standard for industry best practices and is fully compliant with major regulatory standards like FSMA and SFCA. In order to achieve supply chain traceability, traceability requirements demand that food manufacturers track and trace using huge amounts of data. Icicle provides an integrated, automated traceability system for manufacturing that provides real-time visibility into manufacturing processes and intuitively manages data for both small and medium-sized processors as well as very large processors with high velocity logistics operations.

Using globally harmonized technology, GS1 barcodes facilitate end-to-end traceability by preserving essential traceability data like shipping information, important dates, manufacturer ID, and batch and/or lot number. These barcodes can be generated by and used in Icicle to track inventory from Receiving, through the manufacturing process, and to Shipping, to be used by customers in their logistics operations as well. Icicle also integrates with scanner devices so that your warehouse management system can take advantage of the low-cost, high reward GS1 barcode systems for streamlined warehouse workflows.

Icicle’s automated traceability system pulls data from daily operations to generate a secure, reliable audit trail. Not only can this information be instantly assembled for inspectors and auditors, but you can also trend it using Icicle’s analytics reports and smart dashboards. Automated traceability is essential for real-time quality assurance, recall prevention, and corrective actions. Icicle’s intuitive workflows and task management infrastructure ensures that data is inputted correctly and human error is minimized.

Icicle’s global approach to traceability means that if incidents do arise, you can respond with pinpoint precision and decisive action. Our comprehensive food traceability ERP system brings together traceability with food safety, quality assurance, warehouse management, maintenance management, vendor management, and more so that you can implement world-class manufacturing processes alongside regulatory compliance.

Traceability software is necessary for government compliance but also for third-party certifications that open new markets and secure major customers. Icicle’s enhanced traceability software for manufacturing makes it easy to implement rigorous allergen controls, manage vendor certifications, and achieve success in third-party audits like SQF.

Food Traceability Regulations and Standards

Traceability requirements come from two directions: regulators and customers. Icicle’s food traceability software will impress them both, helping you achieve regulatory compliance and supply chain transparency with ease and confidence.
Icicle streamlines the management of regulatory frameworks into one, centralized system, seamlessly integrated into your business’ daily operations. You can easily adapt your food safety program and traceability systems to comply with different regulatory and certification bodies, including multiple levels of government and third-parties. Icicle’s rigorous but flexible design, based on the highest industry standards from GFSI, will support you through growth and changes.
With our food traceability software, you can meet compliance standards and leverage them for your business’ success.

In collaboration with experts from around the world, GFSI develops benchmark standards to foster global harmonization of food safety and traceability regulations. GFSI-recognized certification programmes (like SQF, BRC, IFS, FSSC 22000) boost your brand reputation and open new markets while reducing liability and avoiding recalls.

With Icicle you can meet GFSI-recognized certification standards and conduct audits with confidence. Our expertly-developed templates and in-house support will help you set up your documentation (including HACCP) in no time and manage your food safety and quality programs from our dynamic, centralized platform. Related needs like vendor management and incident management are seamlessly integrated and automated.

The GS1 Global Traceability Standard is helping industries around the world achieve full supply chain traceability by providing a common framework for traceability systems that use barcodes, data carriers, eCom, and EPCIS.

Icicle enables end-to-end traceability through compatibility with GS1 standards and the ability to enforce those standards in your facility for consistency and compliance. With our software, you can meet the GS1 Global Traceability Compliance Criteria and ensure the integrity of your traceability systems.

The CFIA enforces mandatory traceability requirements for most food businesses selling or distributing in, importing into, or exporting from Canada, including food establishments that are exempt from other food safety rules. Food businesses must produce and maintain traceability documentation.

Icicle’s traceability system will help you meet and exceed CFIA requirements, allowing you to prepare for audits and inspections (including remote audits and inspections), generate documentation, and conduct mock recalls in minutes. Canadian governments are encouraging the food industry to adopt advanced traceability technology to meet global standards and remain competitive; Icicle is pre-approved for these funding programs.

Introduced in 2011, FSMA strengthens food safety requirements for all food manufacturing companies selling products in or importing into the US, with a focus on preventative controls. FSMA Section 204, “Enhancing Tracking and Tracing of Food and Recordkeeping,” outlines traceability requirements. However, those requirements are expanding based on the proposed rule from 2020.

Our solution is developed for US-based food establishments as well as international entities that are importing food into the United States and must comply with the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP). Our GFSI-compliant traceability system is adaptable and agile for meeting new regulations as they emerge.

Introduced in 2011, FSMA strengthens food safety requirements for all food manufacturing companies selling products in or importing into the US, with a focus on preventative controls. FSMA Section 204, “Enhancing Tracking and Tracing of Food and Recordkeeping,” outlines traceability requirements. However, those requirements are expanding based on the proposed rule from 2020.

Our solution is developed for US-based food establishments as well as international entities that are importing food into the United States and must comply with the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP). Our GFSI-compliant traceability system is adaptable and agile for meeting new regulations as they emerge.

  • FSANZ is the agency responsible for developing and enforcing food safety standards for New Zealand and Australia. Chapter 3 of the Food Standards Code dictates that food businesses must maintain “one step back and one step forward” traceability records and compliance with other traceability measures.

    Icicle helps food companies meet most traceability requirements worldwide, including FSANZ compliance. Icicle seamlessly integrates traceability requirements into your operations, including labelling, document generation, and conducting audits and inspections. Icicle’s digitized, cloud-based system helps you maintain documentation and conduct recalls with precision and confidence.

Food Safety Resources

Traceability in the food production industry is critical to ensure that all products are safe and remain compliant with applicable standards, regulations, and laws. The Icicle team is here to help you achieve the speed and precision you need for food traceability requirements. We can provide you with a comprehensive solution that includes software, equipment, customer service (training), and technical support.
To learn more about Icicle’s food traceability software, check out our blog posts below.

Automated Track and Trace for FSMA 204 Traceability Rule Compliance

The US FDA’s FSMA Traceability Rule came into effect in January 2023, beginning the three year countdown until hundreds of food-related businesses must be able to demonstrate compliance with the data-heavy regulation on key data elements. The new requirements signal that in the modern era of “smarter food safety,” manual systems operating off of stale, outdated data can no longer hope to keep up.

But by closing the door to manual systems, FSMA compliance offers crucial opportunities to gain a strategic edge in a competitive market. The key is real-time data – which you can use to achieve compliance and also simplify your operations in one fell swoop. But how do you turbocharge data management and reap the rewards in time and on budget? Learn how here.

Reduce Audit and Inspection Times with Food Traceability Software

Our case study with P&S Frozen Foods shows how Icicle can help you both streamline routine traceability requirements and succeed in the face of unexpected challenges. With Icicle’s automated and enhanced traceability software system for manufacturing, P&S could meet the high standards required for meat and poultry producers without bogging down their staff in paperwork and time with inspectors. They reduced their daily inspection time by 88%, and when a new requirement came up in their SQF audit, they made quick adjustments and passed with flying colours. Find out how the P&S team achieved traceability excellence here.

Integrated Product Traceability Procedures

At Icicle Technologies, we develop integrated product traceability procedures that help you meet industry standards (e.g., GS1 Global Traceability Conformance Program) and comply with various regulations (e.g., US FDA FSMA). We can also help you meet your business goals by providing quick system integration, resulting in cost savings for your business.
Here are some useful resources that show how Icicle takes on traceability procedures:

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SQF certification is a big investment, but smart food businesses know that it opens doors to big rewards. Our helpful “how to” guide for achieving SQF certification shows you how streamlined even the most advanced third-party certifications become with Icicle.

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