Icicle COVID-19 Prevention and Control System

During a pandemic, safety comes first — but we know that enacting effective COVID-19 prevention and control is a mammoth logistical and organizational task. Icicle is here to help; using our proven, existing technology, we’ve created a comprehensive system to help you work safely and maintain trust with your customers, employees, and health agencies.

Stay Safe With Icicle

Effective COVID-19 prevention and control for food manufacturers.

Proven Technology

Icicle is the food safety backbone of hundreds of production facilities worldwide. Specifically designed for food companies, Icicle has established success in helping high-risk processing plants minimize risks and stay on top of industry standards.

Recognized Expertise

Icicle is accepted and used by inspectors, auditors, and industry experts everywhere. Icicle is also approved by many food safety related grant programs funded by organizations and agencies.

Get Ready For Business

Let Icicle help you combat COVID-19 and adjust to future trends.

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Easily create or modify existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) – communication policies, organizational pandemic and business continuity plans, procedures related to employee hygiene such as proper hand washing, etc.

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Train and Retrain Employees for a Pandemic

Schedule worker training and keep track of which workers have been trained directly in Icicle. Reminders are automatically issued for upcoming training. Tasks resulting from training can be tracked and verified. If incidents arise, use the built-in feature to flag employees for retraining.

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Facilitate Remote Work to Reduce Risk

Reduce the overall risk of infection and exposure through conducting tasks remotely with Icicle, including documentation reviews, employee training, trend analysis, and more. Remote work can also be completed by third parties such as subcontractors, inspectors, and auditors if you choose to grant access.

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Screen Employees and Visitors

Keep track of visitors and create a screening process for everyone who enters into your facility with Icicle’s Visitor Access Control feature. Screening can be completed on mobile devices, and alerts are automatically sent to the necessary people.

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Integrate COVID-19 Lab Reports

Icicle’s Laboratory Management feature keeps track of each swab sent to a lab and integrates the results when you get them. The streamlined infrastructure helps ensure that tests and their reports are managed properly to avoid uncontrollable outbreaks.

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Set Up Inspections to Verify Procedures

Create inspection checklists to verify and monitor activities in your facility. For example, Icicle can track the number of times a supervisor went through the checklist to verify that workers are maintaining adequate distance and washing hands.

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Assign Corrective Actions for Incidents

Link your SOPs with corrective actions and assign tasks to correct mistakes directly in Icicle. You can also track the tasks to see what has been completed and when, as well as check in on outstanding tasks.

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Manage Pandemic-Related Incidents

Use Icicle’s Incident Management features to create incident templates with predefined corrective actions to be undertaken under certain circumstances. When incident reports are launched, employees receive detailed corrective actions such as directions to isolate, notify supervisor, and contact health authorities.

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Essential Data All In One Place

Tracking employees has become as important in some cases as tracking ingredients and products. Icicle can help you identify which workers worked on which production runs, providing an indication of which workers were in contact with an infected person to help you limit exposure and protect your employees.

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Prevent Problems with Root Cause Analysis

Icicle enables you to undertake a root cause analysis to identify and determine the success of corrective measures. If problems are identified, you can reflag users for retraining or flag procedures for review.

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Protect Your Business

Build confidence with regulatory authorities by proving that you have the appropriate measures in place going forward. You can even grant access to inspectors and enable them to monitor your program remotely. Stay safe and continue operations as an essential business with Icicle.

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COVID-19 Resources for the Food Industry

The Icicle team is working hard to do our part to keep the food industry going during this global pandemic — here are some COVID-19 resources that can help.

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Free Example COVID-19 SOP for the Food Industry

The Icicle team created an example COVID-19 SOP to help companies get on top of food safety as well as employee and public health.

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