Icicle and Bell Partner to Bring IoT Solutions to Canada’s Food Industry

Icicle and Bell Canada Team up to Deliver IoT Solution to Canada

Icicle Technologies Inc. today announced a partnership with Bell, Canada’s largest communications company. The new project from Icicle and Bell integrates the power of Icicle’s comprehensive food manufacturing software with Bell’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) platform and unparalleled broadband wireless connectivity.

IoT is experiencing steady growth, particularly in the manufacturing industry, and can yield significant rewards for food manufacturers in terms of safety, higher quality products, reducing food waste and improved operational efficiency.

Icicle’s IoT enabled food manufacturing software delivers:

⇒ Advanced Food Safety

Users establish and manage food safety programs and achieve regulatory compliance. They also benefit from automatic monitoring of temperature and air quality, providing immediate updates and triggering alerts for quick resolution.

⇒ Data Centralization and Management

Centralized data is accessible in real time for quick decision making and auditing.

⇒ Enhanced Traceability

Icicle supports the complete traceability cycle of food products, enabling more accurate tracking of product ingredients and quick handling of recalls.

Icicle and Bell Partnership

“We are very excited to partner with Bell to bring this new technology package to the Canadian market,” said Icicle’s creator Steven Burton. “The new IoT solution is something that is far beyond what is available today for Canada’s food industry.”

Icicle’s system will integrate with sensors connected to Bell’s wireless broadband network to regularly monitor data and trigger corrective actions if thresholds are not met. The combined solution provides food manufacturers with an end-to-end service that improves food safety, enhances quality and provides real-time insight into their operations.

“Integrating Icicle’s innovative management platform with Bell’s IoT platform on Canada’s best national network will enhance the ability of the food industry to monitor and manage food conditions,” said Nauby Jacob, Bell Mobility’s Vice President of Products and Services. “Bell’s IoT solutions will provide near real-time data to improve the quality of the production lifecycle for farmers, manufacturers, grocers, transportation providers and others in the Canadian food sector.”

About Bell Canada

BCE Inc. is Canada’s largest communications company, consistently investing more than any competitor in innovation to provide a comprehensive and ground-breaking suite of broadband communications and content services to consumer, residential, business, not-for-profit and government customers in Canada. For more information about Bell’s IoT solutions, please visit Bell.ca/IoT.

About Icicle Technologies Inc.

Icicle moves food companies to an intelligent cloud system that simplifies operations. This technology connects quality assurance, traceability, food safety, maintenance, inventory control, and vendor management, and more into a single, unified digital food manufacturing software. Through technological excellence, Icicle improves quality, production efficiency, and safety while expanding growth opportunities for all types of food businesses. Learn more and request a demo today.

This press release from Icicle and Bell was originally posted on PRWeb.

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