When Maintenance Management and Food Safety Come Together

Maintenance Management_Maple Leaf Listeria Outbreak

Maintenance management plays an integral part the successful operation of any facility, ensuring product quality and maximizing productivity. Downtime for a food packaging line, for example, leads to thousands of dollars of lost revenue per hour. But Maintenance Management is also critical for any food safety plan; malfunctioning equipment or improper procedures can lead to widespread recalls that cost tens of millions of dollars and even cause deadly outbreaks.

The Icicle food production management system was originally released as a food safety application, but by looking at the global operations of food facilities, we were able to design a Maintenance Management module (enhanced with the introduction of a series of new features beginning in April 2017) that not only responded to the requests of excited users who finally found a user-friendly application and wanted it to do more, but also integrated complex features like traceability, inventory control, and more – all in a single, unified digital platform.

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