New Features: Enhanced Traceability, Case Labels, & Smart Hazard Suggestions

We’ve launched major new features for the Icicle food safety system that will help our community achieve food safety excellence.


As the global food supply chain becomes increasingly complex, it’s more important than ever for food producers to have a comprehensive and effective traceability program in place to protect their consumers and their business. Traceability allows food companies to trace the flow of ingredients as they are transformed into products, all the way through to shipping.

An effective traceability system not only enables food producers to achieve regulatory compliance, but also minimizes the financial impact of recalls. If a food producer or one of their suppliers comes under a recall, one of the primary objectives is to make the recall as targeted as possible so that safe products are not affected. This means that food companies must be able to track specific lots of incoming ingredients through to specific lots of outgoing products to narrowly pinpoint the specific lots that need to be recalled.

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