New Features: Maintenance Management in Food Safety and More

We are proud to introduce the latest series of enhancements to the Icicle food production management system, including ongoing improvements in Occupational Health & Safety as well as Maintenance Management features. Thanks to the great feedback we get from Icicle users, we have also made some adjustments to make your jobs easier with things like sample shipping labels and unlimited precursor products for mass balance calculations.

Occupational Health and Safety

Near Miss Reports

When was it released? March 20 2017
What does it do? Earlier this year, we announced that we are working on a series of occupational health and safety interfaces (beginning with First Aid Reports in January). The second feature is “near miss reports”, which allows users to record incidents that could have resulted in injuries directly into the Icicle system. This feature is integrated with Icicle’s incident management infrastructure so corrective actions, root cause analysis, and all the other features of regular incidents are available for first aid reports too.

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