What Does Inventory Control Have To Do With Food Safety?

What Does Inventory Control Have to Do With Food Safety?

The announcement of our new inventory control feature brings with it a particular brand of satisfaction. It’s one of those features that grew as a natural extension of Icicle, strongly backed by user request, and pushing the boundaries of what Icicle can do beyond food safety management.

Imagine you are receiving a shipment. With our enhanced traceability feature, you are already tracking the flow of goods through the production process so you can know which batch of which product was sent to which customer. You are already tracing everything one step forward, and one step back, and it’s only a short step from traceability to tracking quantities, which is at the core of inventory control. But this can be complicated when you’re working across facilities and you need to know, not only how many units of products you have in stock, but where each is located.

Announcing Inventory Control with Icicle

Our users asked, and we were very pleased to answer. Inventory management is closely connected to traceability; in fact, some GFSI schemes like SQF are already demanding that you keep track of every gram of product. If you can’t account for missing product, you can be penalized.

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