Be Safe with Icicle’s COVID-19 Prevention and Control System

Food processors around the world are struggling to maintain production in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Between outbreaks of the virus among workers, fluctuating demand, and global supply chain disruptions, food businesses are facing the massive logistical task of successfully implementing programs to mitigate the risk of SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission. That’s why we’ve launched the Icicle COVID-19 Prevention and Control system.

Building off Icicle, the award-winning food and cannabis ERP technology that is the food safety backbone of facilities worldwide, Icicle’s COVID-19 Prevention and Control system helps food businesses rapidly deploy control programs with pre-packaged collections of procedures, policies, and active control interfaces that fully address the problems posed by creating a COVID-19 program. By leveraging this already-existing technology, the Icicle food and cannabis ERP system will help you get ahead of this massive task quickly and directly.

Leap Over the Obstacles with Icicle’s COVID-19 Prevention and Control System

A video overview of Icicle’s COVID-19 Prevention and Control Program

What food companies really need is a predefined set of guidance and control measures that can be dropped into facilities to provide the backbone of an effective COVID-19 prevention and control program, together with a full suite of operational functions that can be used to monitor and trend adoption and compliance.

The makers of Icicle, global leaders in food safety, have stepped up to the plate, bringing to the table a wealth of experience, knowledge, and technology dedicated to controlling biological hazards. Icicle now enables you to drop in a complete COVID-19 Prevention and Control system with predefined policies, procedures, operational templates, and other features that don’t just let you rapidly deploy a COVID-19 program, but also to run and monitor it.

We are offering our users COVID-19 assistance in utilizing all aspects of Icicle below, free of charge.

COVID-19 Prevention and Control Programs, Policies, SOPs, and SSOPs

In order to implement a COVID-19 prevention and control program, you need to address regulatory requirements. These can be entered directly into Icicle so that the new documentation you will need in order to satisfy these requirements can be linked directly to the program requirements. This will allow you to easily communicate the measures that you are taking to protect your workers.

New documentation must include policies, communication policies, organizational pandemic and business continuity plans, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs). All of these documents must be defined and linked to the relevant program requirements for audit purposes and inspection templates to ensure you can demonstrate compliance.

The Icicle team can pre-populate your account with best practice examples of the full documentation set you’ll need, specifically crafted for pandemic response. The herculean effort normally required to create this documentation is then reduced to simply editing this documentation to reflect your specific facility.

Monitor Progress with COVID-19 Plan Dashboard and Reports

Once your plan has been set up, you can start using all of the features listed below. You can also view a summary of your COVID-19 Prevention and Control Plan in a convenient dashboard with all the major components of your plan laid out.

A partial view of the COVID-19 Status Report in Icicle.

Icicle also displays a COVID-19 Prevention and Control Status Report that shows you, at a glance, a summary of outstanding tasks, incidents, inspections, and stock levels for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Track Pandemic Employee Training

It’s not enough to have SOPs, they must also be followed, and that means training workers. With Icicle, you can schedule worker training, approve training, and keep track of which workers have been trained in what. Task reminders are automatically issued for upcoming training and tasks resulting from training can be tracked and verified. You can also flag employees for retraining if incidents arise.

Facilitate Remote Work to Reduce Risk

Any sort of outbreak at a food facility is a dreaded event, and the stakes are only higher right now. Icicle reduces the risk by facilitating remote work. Icicle is a cloud-based application, which means it can be accessed from any device with a working internet connection. 

Many tasks that would normally require physical presence, such as documentation reviews, employee training, trend analysis, etc. can be undertaken remotely, reducing the overall risk of infection and exposure for COVID-19 prevention and control. Remote work can also be completed by third parties such as subcontractors, inspectors, and auditors, if you choose to grant access.

Screen Employees and Visitors

Not everyone can work from home, and along with training, you also need screening to ensure that individuals that pose a high-risk don’t enter your facility in the first place. Icicle already helps you keep track of visitors with our Visitor Access Control feature but now you can create a screening process for everyone who enters into your facility, including all employees, with questions specifically designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

This screening can be completed on a mobile device like a tablet. The system does a statistical analysis to assess risk and,  if anyone fails a screening test, alerts and notifications are automatically sent to the responsible individuals.

Integrate COVID-19 Lab Tests

Lab tests were  already a part of Icicle’s Laboratory Management module), but new circumstances require that you verify that sanitation procedures are effective. You must also retest in the case of an outbreak, and it is crucial that samples are managed properly. Icicle keeps track of each swab sent to a lab so all the lab results are accessible for the right people and corrective actions can be implemented immediately if necessary. You can also trends the results when you get them for an even higher level of COVID-19 prevention and control.

Verify Compliance with Mobile Inspections

So now you have new procedures, your employees have undergone training, you are screening everyone, and conducting regular testing. How will you ensure that these new requirements are consistently followed? With Icicle, you can use pre-defined inspection checklists to verify and monitor activities in your facility.

Immediate Corrective Actions for COVID-19 

If an inspection turns up a problem, Icicle can take care of that too. When an inspection point fails, you can immediately assign corrective action tasks. You can also track these tasks to see what was completed by whom and when, as well as monitor outstanding tasks.

Manage Pandemic-Related Incidents

There is no time like a pandemic to plan for the worst-case scenarios; in fact, it is our responsibility to do so. Icicle provides predefined incident templates that can be launched when incidents occur (a worker reports feeling unwell, a worker is repeatedly warned to maintain physical distance, a positive COVID-19 test result, etc.). Users are then presented with predefined corrective actions to be assigned, enabling rapid, effective responses.

Gather Essential Data to Keep Your Facilities Working Safely

One of the benefits of using Icicle is that all your data is kept in one place, creating limitless opportunities for optimizing your operations. In the case of COVID-19, tracking employees has become as important in some cases as tracking ingredients and products. Icicle can help you identify which workers worked together on which production runs, enabling contact tracing.

Undertake Root Cause Analyses and Preventative Measures

Some incidents are one-off events, but others may indicate deeper problems – and the margin for error right now is slim. Icicle enables you to undertake a root cause analysis to identify and determine the success of corrective measures. If problems are identified, you can re-flag users for retraining or flag procedures for review.

Gain Confidence to Re-Open

Many food businesses have already experienced outbreaks at their facilities, with thousands of cases emerging in the meat industry alone. If your operations have been shut down by local health authorities and you have followed all the required steps to open again, Icicle can help you build confidence with regulatory authorities by demonstrating that you’ve put appropriate measures in place. You can even grant access to inspectors so that they can monitor your program during the re-opening process to clear you to resume operations as an essential business.

No-Charge Support from the Icicle Team

We understand that It is more important today, than ever, to support the Icicle community during this difficult time and to look toward the future and our team is here to support you. Get in touch with our support team now and stay safe during COVID-19 with Icicle.

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