New Features: Revamped Production Forecasting and More

In the latest issue of “New Features,” we announce another one of our most requested features (corrective actions for inspections) as well as a revamped Production Forecasting interface, mobile optimization for production runs, new adjustments to Production Run Costing, Production Run Input Reports, the ability to “close” Sales Orders, a large label generator for specific inventory locations, and an export function for Sales and Purchasing Orders.

Revamped Production Forecasting

When was it released? April 24 2020

What does it do? We are excited to announce that Icicle’s previous production forecasting interface is now even better. The complete replacement of the interface now calculates shortfalls in inventory, taking into consideration (1) existing inventory, (2) previously planned production, (3) purchases, (4) consumption, and (5) reorder thresholds. That means that Icicle will show you all the products you have, where you are short, and suggest how much you should make so you never fall behind on your inventory, whether that’s products or precursor ingredients, so you don’t experience downtime because you’ve run out of raw materials.

Icicle's Production Forecasting Interface

Icicle isn’t doing these calculations using old data. Say you have enough stock in place but you get in a big order. Your inventory drops below your reorder threshold, so Icicle triggers a reorder and tells you how much and when you should make it, rounding up to the nearest batch size. Icicle will also accommodate multistage production, so you can see how much precursor products should be made as well.

The icing on the cake? The previous version of production forecasting required you to add production runs one-by-one. The new iteration allows you to create production runs directly from the new interface, creating single or multiple production runs per product.

Where did the idea come from? Production forecasting has been widely suggested, but we’re going to give a shout out to the folks from Country Prime Meats for keeping this on our radar.

Corrective Actions for Inspections

When was it released? January 20 2020

What does it do? Inspections come with checklists, and what happens if something in your inspection doesn’t pass muster? You check “no,” and now Icicle gives you the option to create and assign a corrective task associated with the inspection, leveraging Icicle’s task management infrastructure to send alerts, display in your task summary, etc.

Where did the idea come from? Another one of our most requested features, this one was most recently requested from Oscar from Superior Food Safety and Paul from P&S Frozen Foods. Thanks for the feedback as always!

Mobile Optimization for Production Runs

When was it released? February 12 2020 

What does it do? A new round of mobile optimization now targets logistics-related interfaces, particularly production run details. Now it’s easier to view all the information you need related to production runs in one view, even when you’re on the shop floor with a mobile device.

Where did the idea come from? Thanks to Joanne from Made-Rite Meats for pointing this out!

Adjustments to Production Run Costing Calculations of Overhead

When was it released? January 29 2020

What does it do? A series of improvements to production run costing was rolled out in January, starting with the ability to assign a default overhead rate for an organization, which is then used to automatically calculate overhead during production. Previously, Icicle reported the overhead related to ingredients, materials, and packaging, but now it also applies overhead cost allocation for things like rent, utilities, property taxes, etc. in order to provide a more complete picture of production costs.

The second addition is a new switch that allows you to override the default overhead allocation for labour. Some of our users reported that they use loaded costs of labour (as opposed to the net labour cost) so their overhead is already included. So this switch lets you customize your view to include raw materials only.

Finally, we also adjusted production costing so that cost allocations now also apply to byproducts as well as primary products when calculating production run costs.

Where did the idea come from? Big thanks to Buu-Lhnh and Rashita from Marcum LLP for these ideas! 

Production Run Input Reports

When was it released? April 9 2020

What does it do? Icicle’s new production run input report traces through multiple iterations of precursor products to deliver a complete picture of base ingredients added to a finished product, together with costs. This lets you navigate to a single place in Icicle where you can see all the ingredients that were consumed during production for accounting purposes or other uses.

Where did the idea come from? Thank you Mia from Made-Rite Meats!

Ability to “Close” Sales Orders

When was it released? March 20 2020

What does it do? Icicle already differentiates between sales orders that are open and orders that are filled, but what about those that aren’t either? Say you have a customer that orders X amount of a product, but you don’t have sufficient quantity to fill their full order right away. Many companies have a policy where they don’t accept backordered shipments, so if you had no choice but to short-ship them, you can now mark the original order as “closed”, which hides the remaining outstanding items in order. The result is that your picking interface will be cleaner and less cluttered, making tasks clearer for staff (especially warehouse staff).

Where did the idea come from? Thanks to Kate from P&S Frozen Foods!

Large Label Generator for Specific Inventory Locations

When was it released? February 2 2020

What does it do? A new label generator interface in the logistics module of Icicle allows you to create large labels for specific inventory locations that display the content of locations in both human-readable text and barcodes. This is especially useful for high velocity logistics operations, where staff need to know at a glance what is available in a particular location within a large warehouse that may have hundreds or thousands of inventory locations. In short, it is very helpful for warehouse personnel and for inventory purposes!

Where did the idea come from? Another great idea from Neil at Snow Cap!

Export for Sales and Purchasing Reports

When was it released? April 12 2020

What does it do? Our last feature update for this issue is simple: you can now export sales and purchasing reports to Excel if you need to use that data for further analysis outside of Icicle. 

Where did the idea come from? Thanks to Nelson from Adaptable Management for this idea!

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