New Features: Production Forecasting, Global Inventory View & More

New Icicle Features: Production Forecasting, Global Inventory View, and Meetings Interface

We are pleased to announce a new series of features for Icicle this summer (or winter for our users in the Southern hemisphere) that will help our users maximize the efficiency of their operations through new Production Forecasting and Production Status interfaces, a Global Inventory View, and new Meetings interfaces.

Production Forecasting & Status

When was it released? July 6, 2017

What does this feature do? Icicle now has three interfaces that are fully integrated for production management: production forecasting, production run, and production status. First, users now have the ability to create a production forecast for a facility. You can bring up a list of all products produced at a facility and set production targets for any time period you choose (the default setting is per week).

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