New Features: Inventory Management is Easier than Ever with Inventory Locations

Our last round of feature updates for 2017 picks up on our Inventory Management feature, which was introduced last year. Since then, with the incredible feedback of our users, we have been able to make this feature more robust and suitable to the needs of real-world facilities. It all starts with inventory locations…

Enhanced Inventory Locations

When was it released? October 31 2017

What does this feature do? Icicle now includes the ability to specify parent inventory locations and any number of nested locations under a parent. What does this mean? Well, in the past, Icicle’s inventory feature was flat. You could have a shipping area, production area, and receiving area. This model was limited because it doesn’t necessarily reflect the reality; in the warehouse, people often have many racks, which each has its own column, and each of those has its own shelves. A truly sophisticated inventory management system should be able to tell you that a particular lot code is located in Rack A, Column 3, at the top shelf in the back. This makes picking (taking stuff off the rack) more specific.

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