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Personalized Food Safety Consultation

We don’t take shortcuts or cut corners when it comes to food safety.


This is not a copy of some poorly written HACCP plan found on the web. Our food safety team reviews your existing documents carefully and designs your tailored HACCP plan.

Procedure (SOP)

Your SOPs should accurately reflect your daily operations, and that is exactly what you will get: a package of audit-ready SOPs customized for you.

Story: Villa Cappelli

The Icicle Team helped Villa Cappelli put together HACCP plans and pass FDA inspections in a matter of weeks.

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We Set It Up For You

The Icicle team is committed to giving you guided support every step of the way.

Set-Up & Implementation

We set up your Icicle workspace with your existing data, so you can walk into a familiar environment with your coffee and a smile on your face – knowing that Icicle has everything under control.

Training & Onboarding

We take your hand and lead you through Icicle step by step – at a speed that you’re most comfortable with. You will become an Icicle expert in no time.

~ 3 Weeks
Full Implementation And Set Up
We Do The Set Up
Minimum Effort Required From You
Get Started Quickly
Personalized Training And Onboarding

We’ve Got Your Back

Marvelous support and customer service that will brighten up your day.

Account Manager

A friend in need is a friend indeed. We assign a dedicated account manager to support and assist with your needs, whatever they may be.

Icicle Tech Squad

We handle everything tech-related ourselves without relying on third parties. This ensures that all technical inquiries can be resolved without delay.

The Icicle Community

We’d love to hear from you! Feedback, suggestions, ideas, complaints about your next door neighbor Bob – we’re only one call away.

We Don't Bite

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