Icicle Brings It Together for Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry

Joe Falk, Operations Manager at Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry

With five generations of farming experience in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry is a leading supplier of ducks, Taiwanese chicken, geese, squab, and other exotic poultry products. Since 2004, the company has grown significantly through a commitment to diversification of high-quality products to satisfy their happy customers.

While their business has grown, so too have their health and safety programs. We spoke with Joe Falk, Operations Manager, and Esther Falk, HACCP Coordinator; see what they told us below.

On the Big Picture (and the Bottom Line)

“We are in a period of real growth and we are looking to achieve HACCP certification this year as well as to become federally licensed so we can sell our products across Canada and directly to the United States. Without the Icicle system to create HACCP plans, track critical control points, and create audit trails, we would not be able to make those moves as swiftly as we are planning to make them.” – Esther Falk

On Training & Support

“I didn’t know much about HACCP going into Icicle when I started here, so I looked around for a solution to help me with the huge amount of document control required. I looked at a couple of other options and nothing seemed as user-friendly. Right away, you could see videos on YouTube of how Icicle works.” -Esther Falk

Support with Icicle has been amazing. Their team is quick to answer questions and I rarely have to wait more than 24 hours.” – Esther Falk

On Easy Audits & Inspections

“I was just with the auditor the other day and I was able to open up Icicle and pull up a HACCP plan for geese. Icicle presents information clearly and quickly; it’s exactly what they need to see.” – Joe Falk

On Features

Icicle exceeded my expectations. There are a lot of features that stand out. I’m starting to really appreciate the corrective action and incidents section as well as the training, which allows us to track employee training for each procedure. We do a lot of work with consultants, so the HACCP plan and audit trails with visual representation really helps! We are looking to make better use of some other features, like inventory management and shipping.” – Esther Falk

On Integration & IoT

Icicle is the central spot for all our information. This is not a dusty binder on the shelf, it’s a real-time solution that is accessible to our staff, and that is key.” – Joe Falk


Learn more about Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry’s journey toward automation and integration in an upcoming case study on an exciting new program from Icicle and our partner. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, request a demo of Icicle here

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