Icicle Makes Food Safety Compliance Faster With Smart Suggestions

Vancouver, Canada, February 22, 2016 (Newswire.com) – Icicle Technologies Inc. has launched a new smart suggestion feature to accelerate compliance with food safety regulations, continuing their mission to advance automation technology for the industry. Their food safety management system, Icicle, now offers users uniquely intelligent algorithms that suggest processes and hazards when creating and managing food safety programs.

With the implementation of new food safety regulations from President Obama’s historic Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and others, achieving compliance is increasingly difficult for food producers who must identify and control many processes and hazards under both HACCP and HARPC requirements. In the case of FSMA, this applies not only to American producers, but U.S. importers and companies exporting to the U.S. who must now meet these requirements as early as next year.

“Prior to the smart hazard and process suggestion features, food safety coordinators had to exhaustively research potential hazards in advance using manual methods, even using online search engines to look up processes and hazards one-by-one. Now they have a tool to suggest many possible hazards with a single click or tap. For the first time, coordinators have on-board assistance in determining the process steps and hazards they need to deal with when operating a food business,” stated Icicle creator Steven Burton.

Icicle now generates suggestions for ingredients, materials, packaging, and process steps with its proprietary technology, helping educate food safety professionals and saving the industry much-needed time in achieving compliance. Users no longer have to sort through hundreds of hazards to try and identify the correct ones. As the Icicle system continues to grow, the suggestions will become even more comprehensive and complete.

“Smart hazard and process suggestions presented by Icicle should always be verified by a food safety professional,” Burton added.

This revolutionary new feature is the first in a series of highly advanced Icicle capabilities to be launched this year.

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