Mitchell Pugh from Chewter’s Chocolates Recommends Icicle

Mitchell Pugh from Chewter’s Chocolates explains how easy it is to create and manage a multi-facility food safety program using Icicle.


We’ve been using the Icicle program for over a year now and it’s helped us by organizing our system and teaching us about HACCP, learning exactly how we need to go across. The help wizard is fantastic and making sure that we put in our hazard analysis and do it properly.

On Audits:

“It gives me a great peace of mind in the sense to know we have all our information prepared and anything that an inspector is going to ask for, whether they’re looking for one product, a general system, a certain hazard, or a bill of ingredients or materials or an allergen, it’s easy for us to search for it, pull it up, and find exactly what they’re looking for.

Our last audit was not too long ago, I believe it was about two weeks ago, from the government of Canada. They asked for a certain product and what the hazards were there and I was able to pull that up within five minutes. They were in and out within an hour.”

On Growth:

“We’re growing exponentially and we’re going to be adding facilities and a lot of people. The fact that I can have one program, under all of our roofs… Especially in the cloud without having to download programs, I can use it on the internet, I can use it on my iPad, I can use it on my phone while I’m away, I can use it if I have wi-fi on a plane. And the fact that I can use it between multiple facilities really gives me a lot of potential in the sense of growing and making sure that I have the same system now as I do in ten years.

HACCP is something that a lot of people do not have and understand and they need to [in order to] get to their bigger customers and grow. I would recommend anybody starting out or [looking for something new should] check out Icicle and go for it.”

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