Is HACCP Dead? FSMA Compliance and the FSPCA

Since the new FSMA rules regarding Preventive Controls (PC) were introduced last year, food companies are facing some confusion around how to comply to these requirements. An alternate format of a food safety plan that includes PCs was put forward by the FSPCA but has muddied the waters further. So what’s really going on?

What is the FSPCA?

The Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) is a group of industry members seeking to support safe food production by developing training and outreach programs. Their aim is to assist food production companies with the compliance of the preventive control regulations that make up FSMA. The FSPCA has developed a course made up of a “standardized curriculum”: successful completion of this course allows a member of the food production industry to become a “preventive controls qualified individual.”

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