Paul Tolnai from P&S Frozen Foods Recommends Icicle

Master sausage roll maker, Paul Tolnai from P&S Frozen Foods, describes the benefits of automating food safety programs using Icicle in a federally regulated environment.

We first became HACCP certified about 12 years ago. We’ve been using Icicle for about two or three years now and ever since we signed on it’s become immensely easier. The beauty of Icicle, actually, is not that the one particular component is great, it’s that it’s the integration of all the components that actually is the selling feature.

On Growth:

“Icicle certainly opens up a bunch of new markets. The large customers like the Sobey’s of the world, the Costco’s of the world, are increasingly demanding the highest level of food safety and Icicle certainly helps you get to that level.”

On Audits:

“Icicle really comes to fruition when you have your audit. You’ll find that the actual audit time decreases because the auditors can find information much quicker. And now with having [all your data] up in the cloud, the auditors have their own log-in, they can do it from their own facility, and you could save your time by actually having them do it from their office.

“My name is Paul Tolnai from P&S Frozen Foods and I choose Icicle.”

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