With GFSR: Temperature Control and Food Safety

We are happy to be featured again over at Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR), this time in an article on temperature control and food safety technology. GFSR provides trusted content in over 60 languages to provide unbiased, open-source information and resources to food professionals worldwide. The article asks: since temperature control is such an important issue for food businesses throughout the supply chain and relating to both food safety and quality control, how does technology help?

While there have been important advancements in temperature monitoring technology that are widely adopted throughout the industry (like automatic sensors), more recent innovations in automation and IoT are not as common, despite the significant impact of such technologies on the bottom line for any business. These newer technologies can not only monitor a food safety or product quality issue, but prevent it. There are three options that we look at in the article: first, the initial innovation in automatic sensors that collect data; second, the advancement that allowed the data collected from those sensors to be integrated into a automated food safety program; and third, the more recent development that allows automatic sensors communicate back-and-forth with an automated food safety program to prevent food safety failures.

The third innovation is really exciting since the potential impact of sensors and integration with (not just food safety but) food production management platforms like Icicle means that we are looking at a future where food businesses can monitor and control things beyond temperature. Imagine, for example, what that type of technology can do for the wine industry or other agricultural fields through precisely monitoring and adjusting soil composition.

The future of temperature control is thus a frontier of IoT (the Internet of Things), where communication between machines can help companies collect data, improve operations, and reduce waste throughout the supply chain, from farms to restaurants and delivery services.

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