3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Food Safety Software

How to Choose Food Safety Software

It wasn’t so long ago that the standard for the industry was paper binders. Today, the range and quality of technology solutions is wide enough that most people don’t know what to look for, or what makes one software solution stand out in comparison to another. So what makes the difference when it comes to food safety technology?

#1: Does the Food Safety Software Automatically Generate HACCP Plans?

Today’s demands from both regulators and retailers means that food businesses must have a comprehensive HACCP plan in place. But there’s a big difference between a solution that helps you store and organize documents and one that actually generates a food safety plan. Most software solutions do the former; they chuck out the paper binders and set you up in a secure, accessible cloud environment. This is great, but is it enough?

The answer is no. A food safety software solution should do more than manage documents. A good system will allow you to build your HACCP plan in a way that reflects your actual business processes. One way to tell if the software is up to the task is to ask: are hazards and hazard controls attached to ingredients, products, packaging, etc. or are they attached to the HACCP plan itself? If the latter, the solution is merely digitizing those dusty binders. If the former, your HACCP plan will do much more than just tick boxes for inspectors, but actually be able to automate food safety. You will have the flexibility to mix and match products in different HACCP plans, and if any changes to your products come down the road, you won’t need to start from scratch.

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