Icicle Gets Villa Cappelli HACCP Ready

An authentic producer of olive oil and other traditional Italian products, Villa Cappelli exports most of its products to the United States. So when the FDA inspectors announced their arrival in six weeks, the company needed to ensure that they were in compliance with the latest Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations, including having a functional HACCP plan. After some searching for a technology solution to help them meet the deadline, they found Icicle.

We interviewed Steven Crutchfield, the Head of Production and Product Innovation, for our latest case study. Below are some excerpts (emphasis added):

On Education

“When I found Icicle, it was the best of both worlds. It wasn’t only the technology, but also the education and consulting services provided. If anything changes for us down the road, I don’t need to hire another consultant or another person to do it – Icicle gives me the skills and control to adapt for the future quickly and easily.”

On Smart Suggestions

“I was surprised at the amount of paper a HACCP plan takes – binders and binders. Smart suggestions streamlined things and helped me understand what was needed at each step, with flow charts that made everything clear. This saved me a ton of time and paper.”

On Passing Inspections

“The inspection went very well. The inspector from the FDA was very nice and helpful. He came in wanting to talk and make sure that we were doing everything correctly, not to catch us making a mistake. All our documents were up-to-date, making us look more professional than I think he expected. All in all, it was a very productive inspection. Everything was in order and we were left with a sense of legitimacy that, beyond the inspection, makes us feel better about the product we’re putting out.”

In Conclusion

“Icicle has empowered me with knowledge and made me feel more comfortable with food safety regulations and the whole process,” he said. “Food safety can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for people without a science background. Icicle simplified things and made me feel like I could do this.

Request a demo of Icicle today and learn how you can pass your audits quickly and painlessly.

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