Talking Through the Supply Chain: Rising Recalls & Food Safety Technology

Watch this special webinar in honour of Food Safety Education Month, “Talking Through the Supply Chain: Rising Recalls & Food Safety Technology”. The panel discussion brings together experts to discuss technology, transparency, and communication in the food supply chain in a time of rising recalls.

You can also follow the discussion in seven articles based on the webinar.

Q1: How have trends in food safety recalls impacted government policy in the USA and internationally and how are these changes designed to respond to consumer safety needs?

Q2: How are new regulations addressing the increasingly international supply of food and what are the challenges associated with this?

Q3: How are consumers playing a role in these policy and legislative developments and how does consumer advocacy affect business objectives for food producers and retailers?

Q4: From the point of view of policy makers and regulatory authorities, what are the challenges in implementing new regulations and ultimately preventing foodborne illnesses and recalls?

Q5: Technology and policy both have critical roles to play in ensuring a safer future for food. How can one help the other?

Q6: What can consumers do to create food safety changes in their communities?

Q7: How should meat processors understand consumer expectations with more and more recalls?

About Our Panelists

Steven Burton, creator of Icicle Technologies Inc., is a software architect who started his career in architecture and moved into construction before establishing a successful manufacturing business in the ’90s. Moving into the software sector in the late ’90s, he established Burton Software in 1999 to specialize in the development of high-performance web-based software application. Burton initially designed Icicle to address the challenges to managing food safety for small to medium-sized stakeholders in the food industry. With Icicle, Burton strives to improve the safety of the world’s food supply by developing the tools to empower companies involved in the production, processing and distribution of food products to develop and verify codex-based HACCP systems.

Since the 1993 “Jack in the Box” E.coli outbreak, policymakers at the state, federal, and food industry levels have called upon Darin Detwiler as a significant voice in strengthening America’s food policies. Detwiler is a frequent speaker at national food policy conferences, delivering keynote speeches before government, industry, and university audiences across the USA and Europe. Detwiler is the senior policy coordinator at STOP Foodborne Illness, the nation’s leading nonprofit, public health organization dedicated to the prevention of illness and death from foodborne pathogens. He is the lead academic consultant and an adjunct professor in the MS Program in Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industry at Northeastern University, where he is also a Doctoral Candidate in Law and Policy with a focus on food policy.

Dr. Michael Koeris co-founded Sample6, Inc. and serves as its Vice President of Business Development. Koeris served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Sample6. Koeris previously worked at KPMG Consulting and McKinsey & Company in Germany, as well as Flagship Ventures in Cambridge. Mr. Koeris was a recipient of the German Academic Exchange Fellowship (DAAD) to study at MIT. Koeris did his doctoral work on network approaches to combat antibiotic-tolerant bacteria with Professor James Collins, and co-developed Sample6’s technology, working with Tim. Koeris is a visiting scholar with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Boston University as well as at MIT. Prior to his doctoral degree, Koeris graduated with a M.S. in Biochemistry from the Free University of Berlin.

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