Food Safety Consultant G.J. Gerbasi Recommends Icicle

One of the most prominent and well respected food safety consultants on the North American West Coast, Gerry Gerbasi, shares his thoughts on Icicle below.

“The Icicle Software provides the ability to develop and easily maintain a HACCP system based on Codex.

From product description, incoming materials and ingredients, flowchart, plant schematic to hazard analysis the forms generated clearly show all the required information including biological chemical and physical hazards, risk assessment and controls. Process controls and critical control points are also generated on forms created from data input. One of the most important functions of the software is a generation of a form which tracks all changes made to the plans. A significant benefit of the software will be in maintenance of the HACCP plans, this is where significant man-hours will be saved over the years as expectations of HACCP plans and internal and external assessments of the plans will inevitably require change. The software will allow those changes to be done quickly and printouts generated immediately. Based on the software that I have used, tried or reviewed I have not found a product that can do what Icicle can do. A short learning curve will have people well on their way to creating plans.

‐ G.J. Gerbasi, M.Sc., Food Safety Consultant

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