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Cannabis Industry Journal_Top 4 Food Safety Hazards for the Cannabis Industry

Part of the Innovative Publishing Company that publishes other industry journals like Food Safety Tech, Cannabis Industry Journal is an industry-specific eMagazine and Conferece series delivering top quality content to the global marketplace on all aspects of the cannabis industry – from seed to sale – in the medical and recreational markets.

Cannabis Industry JournalThey recently published an article written by Icicle creator and Icicle Technologies Inc. CEO & President Steven Burton. The article examines the implications of cannabis legalization, in particular in the United States and Canada, and asks: Should cannabis be treated as a drug of a food product when it comes to safety?

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Beyond the fact that cannabis is a plant, as the industry expands and develops new products, more cannabis is being consumed through edibles, which are also food products. So when it comes to food safety, what do growers and distributors need to consider? We put together a list of the top four food safety hazards for the cannabis industry, which are explained in more detail in the article.

  1. Aflatoxins on cannabis bud
  2. Chemical residues on marijuana plants
  3. Pathogenic contamination from pest infestations
  4. Pathogenic contamination due to improper employee handling

Read the article at Cannabis Industry Journal >>

The article continues to look at the future of cannabis regulations, turning an eye to packaging safety, allergen control, and other food safety issues.

All of this shows that cannabis products, especially edibles (and that includes capsules and tinctures), should be treated the same as other food products simply because they have the same kinds of hazards. Without a comprehensive food safety program (that includes a plan, procedures, training, monitoring, and verification), problems will inevitably arise.

Check out the full article at Cannabis Industry Journal.

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