Global Food Safety Resource Asks How to Choose Food Safety Software

This week, Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR) published a guest blog post from Steven Burton, creator of Icicle food safety management system, about the two most important things to ask when evaluating a food safety software solution.

Aiming to communicate best practices in the area of food safety to food professionals worldwide through multiple digital channels and languages, GFSR created a unique online portal designed for the growing needs to food safety stakeholders who are seeing to meet the new requirements of regulatory and industry compliance. GFSR provides trusted content in over 60 languages to provide open-source information and resources in an unbiased and digestible manner by collaboration with industry experts and solution providers.

Some of the highlighted recent content from GFSR includes:

GFSR invited Burton to write about software innovations for food safety compliance, asking why food safety professionals might want to investigate innovative software, what is available to them in that department, how the new software works and what the implications are for food safety compliance. Recognizing that many food safety and QA managers (and decision-makers) do not have the necessary technical knowledge to distinguish between food safety and traceability software solutions, this article helps consumers by identifying two basic questions that can be asked of any food safety software and/or traceability software provider.

Preview the article below and read it in full here:

It wasn’t so long ago that the “technology” standard for the industry amounted to nothing more than a shelf of paper binders. Today, the range and quality of technology solutions is wide enough that most people don’t know what to look for, or what makes one solution stand out in comparison to another. So what makes the difference when it comes to food safety technology?

Check out a longer version of the article that identifies a third important question to ask of a food safety software provider on our blog >>>

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How to Choose Food Safety Software


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