3 More Lessons from 2016’s Biggest Recalls (Part 3)

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Last week, we looked at some of the major recalls of 2016 with a focus on complex supply chain management in part 2 of this series. Saving the worst for last, an analysis of last year’s recalls cannot exclude the companies below nor the critical lessons their mistakes revealed. Taking a more serious turn, no food company can go without reflecting on some of the worst failures of the year.

Traceability Goes Beyond ‘One Step Forward, One Step Back’

Lessons from CRF Frozen Foods

It was a difficult process for the CDC to find the source of a listeriosis outbreak identified in March 2016, during which nine were hospitalized and three died across four US states beginning in September 2013. Interviews with the afflicted and their families led the CDC to investigate the O Organic brand of frozen vegetables, produced by CRF Frozen Foods. Another frozen vegetable brand from the same company, True Goodness, was also identified through routine product sampling by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. With the latest whole genome sequencing technologies, the CDC was able to link all nine cases to these products.

The recall was massive in scale; more than 350 consumer products sold under 42 separate brands were recalled, as well as at least 100 other products from other companies that used CRF Frozen Foods as a supplier.

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