Icicle Food Safety App Launches New Allergen Control Feature

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RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 29, 2015 — More than half of all recalls in the USA and Canada last year were caused by undeclared allergens. Allergen labelling and control has become a critical part of food safety as both consumer awareness and regulatory action related to food allergies builds. The Icicle food safety app now provides automated allergen control that is integrated seamlessly with the rest of your food safety program.

As Halloween draws near and life-threatening food allergies continue to rise across industrialized nations, food producers are increasingly aware of consumer and regulatory pressures to clearly mark and control food allergens. Recalls due to undeclared allergens is a preventable issue that is costing food companies in the long run. Damages to capital as well as brand reputation and consumer confidence are at stake. As a result, it’s critical to avoid undeclared allergen recalls through comprehensive allergen control programs that are integrated into your food safety plan and end rather than begin with effective labelling.

Software architect of Icicle, Steven Burton, commented, “The potential for technology to introduce automation and reduce the risk of human error can have huge benefits for food producers. Icicle’s new allergen control feature both provides automatic warnings for potential contaminations and allows food producers to track employee training in allergen control procedures.”

Icicle’s new colour-coding system to approve vendors, define their products, and flag ingredients and products that may contain allergens provides this management tool for allergen control. By automating allergen management, Icicle helps food producers stay in control of their products and ingredients to protect consumers, prevent recalls, and expand commercial opportunities.

For more information on Icicle’s new allergen control feature, check out our recent article on allergen control.

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