Icicle Down in Australia for evokeAG 2020

With the support of Canada Down Under and CanExport 2020, Icicle made a second official trip to Australia in February for the evokeAG expo and other meetings organized for Icicle creator and CEO Steven Burton with food, agritech, and cannabis industry leaders in the country, sponsored by BioEnterprise.

On the trip, we encountered a wide variety of energetic, young entrepreneurs and were impressed by the scope of industries like cattle. Australia has also really emerged as a leader in water management technology, developing new tech to grow crops in the sandy state of Western Australia.

At evokeAG, Steve attended a series of interesting talks from industry experts. Dave Harris from Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) spoke about traceability in an integrated supply chain that has been implemented right from the genetics of cattle all the way through to the meat product that is handed over to the retailer. The level of traceability was very impressive since they can take a steak and trace it back to the actual animal based on its DNA.

In the same evokeAG panel, there were also interesting discussions about the feasibility of blockchain with Cameron Scadding from Source Certain and Munro Farmer from AusPost, the latter of which discussed the very high volume logistics involved in the Australian postal service. As Steve has written about also, both Scadding and Farmer were not confident that blockchain is currently ready for primetime, especially in the food industry. On a similar vein, a meeting with Dr. Benjamin Smith from the Agency for Science Technology and Research in Singapore touched on cross-supply chain traceability initiatives and their cost-effectiveness.

Speaking with Slade Beard from Ecothought, an IoT company extensively involved in the honey market, Steve discussed the ongoing problem of intentional adulteration and food fraud in the honey supply chain and the opportunity for technology like Icicle to offer significant benefits in ensuring supply chain and product transparency.

Steve also met with officials from the State of Victoria to discuss the emerging medicinal cannabis market and the significant benefits of adopting food safety and traceability technology when building the industry, as well as other industry leaders. Some partnerships are now in the works, so stay tuned for further announcements!

Overall, we’d like to express our gratitude to all the sponsors and facilitators for this fantastic trip, especially the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and BioEnterprise. We loved seeing the amazing synergy between Australia and Canada and look forward to doing more business together! Until next time…

To find out more about Icicle’s international opportunities and partnerships, contact us at info@icicletechnologies.com. Request a free demo today!

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