New Features: Cannabis Reporting and More Compliance Features

The Icicle team has been publishing our “New Features” series for quite some time, but this is the first ever cannabis edition of this series. There have been lots of new features released since June, so we encourage our cannabis industry readers to also check out the improvements to the entire Icicle ERP system that may be relevant for their business in the latest “New Features” instalment here. Continue below for cannabis-specific feature releases like cannabis reporting!

Turn on Cannabis Reporting

When was it released? October 22, 2019

What does it do? Cannabis producers have to deal with lots of regulations in the legal marketplace and Icicle is making it easier to fulfill those requirements all the time. Now you can easily mark a product as a cannabis product, so that Icicle will display cannabis-specific features and categorization methods (e.g., trade types). 

With cannabis reporting, it is no sweat to generate the reports required for regulatory authorities and tax collection authorities. For Canadian manufacturers, this means you can generate Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reports regarding excise tax issues as well as Health Canada inventory reports to verify that all products came from verified sources, were processed in the appropriate manner, and sold through legal channels.

Where did the idea come from? Thanks to Blue Sky Hemp Ventures and the invaluable cannabis consultant they brought in, Jaclynn Pehota from Althing Consulting, who suggested this feature!

Destruction Reports

When was it released? November 12, 2019

What does it do? While this feature was designed for cannabis companies, it is actually useful for all Icicle users. Destruction Reports allows you to document the destruction of products in terms of when, where, how and how much product was destroyed. Icicle allows you to electronically document witness statements as well, helping to fulfill the regulatory requirement for cannabis producers in Canada and elsewhere who are required to complete such reports to ensure that product is not being diverted to the black market. However, you can also use these reports to record the destruction of recalled products as well.

A couple of weeks later, we also released a printable version of destruction reports to fulfill this regulatory requirements – you can generate and print the report directly in Icicle, sign it in pen if you like, and then hand over the paper copy (!) to the auditors from any regulatory agency.

Where did the idea come from? This great idea also came from Jacylnn from Althing Consulting.

Start Date for Employees

When was it released? November 13, 2019

What does it do? Another generally useful feature that was built specifically for the cannabis industry: you can now add a start date for employees at your facility. This fulfills the regulatory requirement in Canada and elsewhere that requires you to demonstrate that employees with certain permissions have a sufficient amount of time with your company to be qualified for the job they are doing.

Where did the idea come from? Another great idea from Jacylnn!

Customer and Trade Types

When was it released? November 17, 2019

What does it do? Another feature release that hit two birds with one stone. We added a trade type attribute to purchase or sales orders that allows you to categorize the trade type of any grouping that you want. This feature was built for the cannabis industry, which requires cannabis companies to differentiate between medicinal and non-medicinal trades or intra-industry trade. Say you’re selling a product: are you shipping to a medicinal end user or a recreational one or to another supplier altogether? Icicle’s new feature makes that determination easily, satisfying the CRA requirement in no time at all.

That same day, we also released customer types, so you can easily mark a distributor, retailer, or online direct sale to satisfy regulatory requirements for reporting – but take note! It’s also a very useful feature to see which market segments you are gaining or losing traction in.

Where did the idea come from? Thanks to Jacylnn and Blue Sky again for this one!

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