Icicle Sponsorship Program

Our mission to make food safer worldwide by creating advanced food safety technologies relies upon our community of food safety excellence. To this end, we believe in enabling access to the most innovative food safety technology for organizations that demonstrate outstanding social and/or entrepreneurial commitment but operate on a smaller scale.

Small food enterprises play a key role in a sustainable and healthy food supply worldwide. At the same time, small scale production can increase food safety risks, especially for organizations that do not have the technological tools to achieve food safety excellence. The Icicle Sponsorship Program recognizes the exceptional work of organizations that contribute to a safer, healthier, and more sustainable food supply.

Who Is Eligible?

Icicle Technologies, Inc. offers special pricing packages for small food businesses, startups, or nonprofit food enterprises in order to enhance growth and build towards a safer food supply.

To be accepted into this competitive program, organizations must have at least two years in business and show progress in their commercialization efforts, with a plan for increased growth over the upcoming three-year period. They must commit to fully implement Icicle in their facility/facilities within three months of acceptance into the program.

Organizations must also consent to participating in a case study with Icicle Technologies and other PR-related activities, such as press releases.

How To Apply

If you believe that your organization qualifies for the Icicle Sponsorship Program, please get in touch with us. A representative will reply to you shortly.
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