Build Your Own Icicle

Step 1: Tell us about your company

Let Icicle help you choose based on your specific needs…
Total Number of Employees:
We need a HACCP plan and a standard set of tailored SOP documents to jump start our safety program.*
We’re a small processor who needs a software system to manage a basic, paperless food safety program.
We’re a larger processor who needs an advanced, paperless QA/QC program including GFSI certification management tools.
We’re a farming operation raising crops.
We’re a farming operation raising animals.
We need to track individual animals.
We do not need to track individual animals.

We’re a cannabis grower.
We need to track individual plants.
We do not need to track individual plants.

We’re a processor producing cannabis extracts or edibles.

* These items are consulting services that do not include access to the cloud-based Icicle platform. The deliverables are PDF documents generated by Icicle.

Step 2: Customize Icicle to suit you

HACCP Plan – A customized HACCP plan for up to 20 products (more available upon request).
SOP Package – A package of 20 standard SOP documents customized for you.
Foundation – The basic package required for all Icicle software users
Traceability- All the functions you need to track items throughout the production process and during recalls
Basic Food Safety – Everything you need to generate internationally compliant food safety plans
Advanced QA/QC – Advanced features to make sure you’re ready to pass regulatory, GFSI, and customer audits.
Maintenance Management – Schedule and track maintenance activities
IoT – Connect your sensors to Icicle to take advantage of alerts and notifications
Inventory Management – Everything you need to control your inventory.
Sales – Tools to process incoming sales orders from customers
Production – Advanced manufacturing production control
Assessments – Create bioterrorism and food fraud assessments and generate TACCP and VACCP plans.
Procurement – Vet your vendors and keep track of 3rd-party certifications
Occupational Health & Safety – Record first aid and near miss incidents
Farming – Manage crops, harvests, fertilizer applications, and more
Serial Number Tracking – Track individual items by serial number
Lab Tests – Use Icicle’s LMS features to manage lab tests, define testing locations, barcode samples, and more.

Step 3: Choose your support option

No Setup or Support, we can take it from here. $0*
Account Setup and Training Only, we won’t need help once our account is set up. **
Tech Support Only, we’ll set up our account ourselves but want unlimited support afterwards.
Full, setup, training, ongoing support, be there for us with unlimited support every step of the way (recommended).**
* Tech support is available to users who opt out of the support plan for $100 per incident.
** Setup includes importing data from a data template that Icicle provides, transcription of existing HACCP plans, and up to 50 electronic documents. Additional transcription services available upon request.

Step 4: Choose a payment frequency

Monthly Option:
Annual Option:
Two Year Option:
Three Year Option:

Step 5: Review Your Quote

No seat charges! You get unlimited users with Icicle!
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* Per faclity. Applicable sales taxes will be added when your subscription request is processed. Pricing subject to change without notice.

Step 6: Apply to join

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