Partnership opportunity

Expand your relationships and revenue by giving customers more than advice. Give them the tools they need to get closer to their business goals. As an Icicle Technology consultant, you combine your expertise with our software and services.  With your professional consulting services revenue, you’ll add Icicle software revenue, and we’ll reward you for delivering your customers’ needs.

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Partnership benefits

With this entry-level certification, Select Certified Partners can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase exposure to new customers. Select Certified Partners also benefit from support from Icicle, including:


Bolster your personal brand by becoming an Icicle Certified Consultant.


Recognition as an Icicle Certified Consultant in the Icicle Partner Registry/ Locator.


Eligibility to sell Icicle software and services as a certified partner.

Partner Kit

An Icicle Certified Partner Kit with sales tools, logos, guidelines, and information.


There are three requirements for becoming a select certified partner, including: A legally valid Resale Agreement between you and Icicle Technologies, Inc.; customer service & call-back provided by you 8 hours a day, 7 days a week; and a nominal fee of $2,500 US.

What are you waiting for?

Use your expertise to define business outcomes and deliver results.  Icicle brings the software. Combine it with your expertise to grow your revenue. IT is more crucial to business success than ever. Without first-rate IT, your customers can’t grow. This is your moment.
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