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Icicle Technologies | COVID-19 Example SOP for the Food Industry

Update: We’ve launched a COVID-19 Prevention and Control System, complete with templates for pandemic-related SOPs and other documentation that are required in major jurisdictions. Learn more about what Icicle can do for you here.

In a time when the world is restricting non-essential business due to COVID-19, securing the food supply is a top priority and forefront in most people’s minds. Yet, while safety and hygiene measures are already in place at food production facilities, the risk of exposure is inevitably changing the way that facilities – and workers – must operate.

In response, companies may be increasing the frequency of their cleaning and maintenance schedules, reducing on-site staff, doing as much as possible remotely, and more. All of these changes require changes to  standard operating procedures (SOPs) but it is hard for companies to know where to start.

That’s why the Icicle team created an example COVID-19 SOP to help companies get on top of food safety as well as employee and public health.

Download your free example SOP here (PDF) >>

This sample SOP is intended to be a starting template for companies who need to modify their procedures to ensure worker safety in the face of COVID-19. 

For companies that are already using the Icicle food and cannabis ERP system, you can also link this SOP directly into your Icicle account.

SOPs must always be reviewed by a food safety professional in the context of your specific facility, so be sure you don’t use it as-is. We hope that what we have produced here can be a helpful starting point to the many thousands of food businesses that are doing the important work of keeping our food supply going. Thank you for your service!

We’ve also started collecting resources that we think can be helpful to food businesses and food safety professionals.

Check out COVID-19 resources for the food industry >>

If you are already an Icicle user, feel free to get in touch with our support team for further assistance on pandemic responses as well as Icicle features that can help you maintain – and scale up – your operations, facilitate working remotely, automate procedures like incident responses, and protect the health of employees and the public. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to get the latest information on feature updates and releases.

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