A Big Welcome to New Icicle Team Members

Icicle grew from the germ of Steven Burton’s idea, but that growth has involved many people over the years since this project began – especially the clients who use Icicle and provide the feedback we need to make our software the best in the business. Now that we’re expanding more than ever with our entry into the cannabis sector, 2019 was the time to bring in new team members to work on Icicle’s development itself. Meet the new members of the Icicle team below!

Fan Liu: Wizard Developer & CTO

Fan Liu is a hands-on full stack programmer, architect, and analyst, as well as an avid snowboarder. Just as he thrives navigating the technical mountain terrains here in British Columbia, he tackles technical problems in software systems head-on. Fan’s many years of experience in software development deepens the expert knowledge of the Icicle team, especially in areas such as database optimization, system performance, and user experience. 

“What interests me the most in joining the Icicle team,” Fan told us, “is the tremendous business opportunities ahead since Icicle is a system that is many steps ahead of the competition.”

“I feel that as an organization we are singularly blessed to be able to secure Fan’s help on this project,” Steve elaborated. “Looking across North America, Fan was my number one choice to fill the role of CTO due to his deep database and development experience. I could hardly believe our good fortune when we were actually able to secure him!”

Steven Burton, CEO of Icicle Technologies Inc.

Fan is already hard at work on improving Icicle’s performance, user friendliness, workflow management, system infrastructure, and more. His eyes are fixed on Icicle’s potential to meet the real and present need of the marketplace as we continue to grow into the backbone of the food industry and other sectors like cannabis.

Raymond Tsang: QA Genius & Director of Quality Assurance

Like Icicle creator Steven Burton, Raymond Tsang is a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). During their studies, Steve realized that Raymond is a master of quality assurance. They have worked together for years on software systems for industries from energy to marketing to education. 

His extensive experience across diverse technologies has only helped him develop the highest expertise in website testing automation. “I’ve worked with Steve on many projects and Icicle is clearly the result of his passion for design perfection,” he explained. “Working on Icicle is so interesting because the system fully addresses the needs of the food industry – both in food safety and in effective management of food processes in all aspects.”

Raymond finds it exciting that Icicle’s development is linked to customer feedback, meaning that Icicle is a real solution product that fulfills the needs of the food industry. It also means that the work is always expanding and providing new professional challenges for the team.

“There is no one as diligent and committed as Raymond in terms of assuring product quality. He always gives 120% and I sleep better at night knowing that he is the guy who running the QA department at Icicle.”

Steven Burton, CEO of Icicle Technologies Inc.

Raymond is also an active badminton player, so it’s a good thing that the new software team is based in Richmond, BC where it’s possible to play badminton with Raymond, go snowboarding with Fan, and go sailing with Steve all in one day! Welcome, Raymond and Fan!

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