In the Meat Packing Journal: Icicle Makes HACCP Compliance Easy

Icicle was featured in this month’s poultry edition of Meat Packing Journal, the international magazine for the meat and poultry industry. Our software feature on allergen control management was exclusively profiled (which you can learn about in full here), and one of our Ontario-based clients, Hayter’s Turkey Farms, was interviewed in-depth to showcase their successful, family-run business. Hayter’s HACCP Coordinator, Dave Maguire, shows how they use Icicle on a daily basis to make HACCP compliance easy.


“There is a significant amount of time and effort carrying out an effective HACCP program, however, if the program is managed effectively, costly processing errors and recalls can be reduced,” says Hayter’s Dave Maguire. “Using Icicle software as my HACCP portal allows me the ability to store all documentation in a centralized location, but still allows the flexibility for any supervisor to bring up the HACCP Plan in front of them.”

Maguire continued, “With Icicle’s cloud-based technology, QA [quality assurance] staff has the ability to recall standard operating procedures to ensure tasks are being completed as per the written program. In theory a worker can still just check a box, however, unlike paper records; the opportunity for the employee to review a procedure is easier with Icicle.

“This is useful for finding proper corrective action procedures, handling audits and allowing the information to be at anyone’s finger tips instantly, versus having to get the appropriate HACCP binder from the plant office. When changes are made, the program creates the appropriate HACCP maintenance log reports, and the changes are applied instantly. This reduces the need to print a new document, find the old document in the HACCP binders and replace the document with the most current version.”

Read the whole articles in the digital version of Meat Packers Journal below.

“Icicle App Provides Automated Allergen Control,” page 27
“Canadian Turkey Farm Does It All,” page 42

If you’ll be attending the International Production & Processing Expo in Georgia (Jan. 26-28), visit the MPJ booth and grab a copy!

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