Icicle is One of the Top 10 Global Interface Health Challengers

On September 29th 2015, Icicle Technologies joined nine other companies to compete in the Interface Health Challenge.

Interface Health is a platform and community that cares about innovators, the future of health and about making a difference in the world. The Interface Health Excellence Challenge (IHX Challenge) is a global competition to find the world’s most innovative health entrepreneurs whose ideas and products can change health for the better. This competition covers 10 health market-driven categories and is open to smart, passionate, resourceful entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world.

The Top 10 finalists, chosen by a panel of industry experts, members of interfacehealth.com, and patients competed at the 4th annual summit in Vancouver, Canada on September 29th-30th.

#IHXCHALLENGE2015 is starting! Icicle is competing in the top 10 global #health innovators. #foodsafety pic.twitter.com/0r1qhasVfi

See photos from the event, including our very own CEO and creator of Icicle Steven Burton, below.


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Posted by Kris Krüg on Wednesday, 30 September 2015


About Icicle

Icicle is an award-winning food safety technology designed to manage internationally-compliant HACCP food safety plans at the touch of a button. We are the most user-friendly food safety and quality assurance software solution available on the market today. We teach about food safety and help businesses explore new markets by ensuring food safety plans are up-to-date and we cater to the needs of government legislation and big box store requirements. Icicle is a product of Icicle Technologies Inc.

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