Progressive Dairyman Canada: Icicle is Easy to Use

Progressive Dairyman Canada reports Icicle is Easy to Use

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The Icicle food safety solution, created by Burton Software Inc., is the latest product to excite companies in the food industry. This award-winning application allows users to create and manage internationally compliant food safety programs a lot quicker than usual.

Switching from manual to automation can be a massive undertaking for large and small scale food processors alike. Icicle is the solution for intuitive and comprehensive safety plans that enable international compliance for manufacturers around the world. With this product, the jump to cloud-based, automated food safety is simple, with technical support and customer service hotlines available to ensure a smooth transition.

Burton Software has conducted a CMC (Canadian Management Consultants) survey of the product’s current users, yielding good results with the majority of food processors reporting the winning feature: It is easy to use and implement within their company.

While food safety regulations differ across the globe and change constantly, this product stays ahead of current market trends and government regulations through a team of developers who work tirelessly to develop new features and a team of marketers to communicate how to use them. The product is currently compliant with FSEP, SQF, FSMA, BRC, HACCP, ISO 22000 and most other regulatory standards.

“Icicle was developed to respond to a need in the food industry,” comments the company’s CEO and President Steven Burton. “With approximately 6 million Canadians suffering from foodborne illness each year, we need to ensure our food was made in compliance with recognized food safety standards.”

Current features include: HACCP/HARPC plan generation, maintenance logging, procedure documents, traceability, quality control, production specifications, incident reports, enterprise dashboard, as well as many more.

This press release was featured in Progressive Dairyman Canada magazine.


About Icicle

Icicle Technologies Inc. is creating a global community of excellence in food safety with its award-winning food safety management system, Icicle. Icicle takes food safety technology beyond document management to offer a complete solution for smart automation that understands and grows with your business. Looking to the future of food safety, we work together with our community of users towards consumer health, high-quality standards, and growth opportunities. Icicle Technologies Inc. is a division of Burton Software Inc.

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