A Higher Calling for Food Safety Professionals

Colorado is the first state to legally sell cannabis-infused ‘edibles’ such as: candy bars, cookies, mints, drinks, brownies, pies, truffles, and gummie bears. This move is already generating millions of dollars in tax revenue with demand far exceeding supply. Regardless of which side of this debate you are on, as this market spreads to other US states (and potentially to Canadian provinces), this new industry will generate jobs for: operations managers, QC inspectors, food safety managers, food production managers, and production personnel. However, food safety has not been adequately addressed for this industry which is a cause for concern.

Since the production of cannabis-infused edibles is illegal in most jurisdictions, these businesses historically have been operated under the table. Therefore, until recently, workers experienced in the production of cannabis-infused edibles did not generally have the opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of science-based food safety. This has left a significant deficit of highly-skilled food safety expertise in this industry.

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