Food Safety Consultant Greig Beilhartz Recommends Icicle

Greig Beilhartz is an independent food consultant with an unparalleled depth of knowledge regarding food safety. His input was critical to the success of the Icicle food safety software project. He was able to clearly articulate the nuances of complex processes and his considerable experience made it possible to plan for unusual situations across a wide variety of food industry niches.

“The Icicle program is based on the FSEP and CODEX HACCP standard that CFIA use. Icicle speeds the process of designing a HACCP System by setting up all background material that may be needed such as plants, products, ingredients, processes materials, and packaging. Hazards are then identified and linked to the specific source. Any changes needed in formulation, ingredient packaging or equipment are easily updated and automatically changed on all forms involved.

With drop down menus, Icicle then guides users through a HACCP analysis process where biological, chemical, physical, and allergen hazards are addressed and controls identified.

Once the hazard analysis process is complete, Icicle users can then generate all 11 forms of the HACCP plan for any plant. This greatly reduces the time need to accomplish these tasks manually and increases the efficiencies where data has to be transferred from one form to the next absolutely correctly. Icicle automatically links information to plans so that a change to any area is automatically reflected throughout the plan and on all the forms .

In summary, the Icicle software will drastically reduce time required to set up, design, change and maintain a HACCP System for any user.

‐ Greig Beilhartz, Food Safety Consultant

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