Trust Kosher Check: Backed by the Science of Food Safety

Listen to Rabbi Mendy Feigelstock, Director, Kashrus & Operations Kosher Check, and Steven Burton, CEO Burton Software Inc. discuss the new Kosher Check initiative to combine traditional kosher certifications with modern food safety requirements and how Icicle can be used to accomplish both.

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About Rabbi Mendy Feigelstock

Rabbi Mendy has worked for Kosher Check for over 10 years, starting as a Mashgiach and working his way up. Kosher Check is a non-profit global kosher certification agency headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With Regional offices located throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. We currently serve hundreds of food manufacturers throughout Canada, the US, the Pacific Rim, and the Far East, through our extensive network of regional rabbinic representatives around the globe. Rabbi Mendy is in charge of the Certification Department and is a rising star in the field of Kosher Supervision. With a tremendous knowledge of ingredients and food processing, he quickly puts at ease any person who may be unfamiliar with Kosher Certification. Rabbi Mendy received Semicha from Rav Mordechai Ashkenazi of Kfar Chabad and Rav Yehuda Yaroslavsky of Kiryat Malachi.

About Steven Burton

Steven Burton, creator of Icicle, is a software architect who started his career in architecture and moved into construction before establishing a successful manufacturing business in the ’90s. Moving into the software sector in the late ’90s, he established Burton Software in 1999 to specialize in the development of high-performance web-based software application. Burton initially designed Icicle to address the challenges to managing food safety for small to medium-sized stakeholders in the food industry. With Icicle, Burton strives to improve the safety of the world’s food supply by developing the tools to empower companies involved in the production, processing and distribution of food products to develop and verify codex-based HACCP systems.

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