Would You Feel Safer With Robots Behind the Fast Food Counter?

As children, we watched TV shows like The Jetsons that showed flying cars and robots serving food. While the car companies have so far let us down, robots may soon be preparing and serving food at fast food restaurants. Increased pressure to raise employee wages has prompted chains to rethink their business model and replace these workers with machines. This technology will begin arriving soon but will the food still taste good and be safe to eat?

With workers trying to unionize the fast food industry, and demanding their wages be increased to $15 an hour; some employers are thinking less is more when it comes to staffing and plan to completely automate fast food restaurants. It seems impossible to avoid this future but with all of the outbreaks of foodborne illnesses linked to fast food in the last few years, will these innovations be safer than human prepared food or will we be risking our health more than we already do?

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