How Safe Is Organic Food Really?

Germany 2011, a mysterious illness swept the country. More than 3,000 people fell ill and 31 died. The source of the infection was unknown. Imported Spanish cucumbers were suspected but it was later discovered that the source was much closer to home – bean sprouts grown at a small organic farm in northern Germany.

While catastrophic food-borne outbreaks have also occurred with conventional products over the years, this case raises the question: Is organic food safe?

Contamination in organic food is a concern since organic practices revolve around cycling nutrients. Crops deplete the nutrients in the soil which then must be replenished for new crops to thrive. Organic farmers use manure or compost for this purpose while conventional farmers use synthetic fertilizers. Unfortunately, despite the fact that plants love it, the use of manure can lead to Salmonella in organic chia powder has sickened 21 in the U.S. and Canada.

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