Spirituality vs Science: Is Kosher Food Safer?

As you rush past the tempting baked goods aisle in the supermarket searching for your beloved produce section, a kosher symbol catches your eye. You walk up to the package and notice the word ‘parve’ is written on it. What’s a parve? – you think to yourself – and what is “kosher” anyway? With all the recent food recalls in the news lately, is kosher food safe to eat?

Kosher food is food that was prepared according to Jewish Law. The certified Kosher emblem means that the food manufacturer has been inspected and was found to be producing foods in accordance with these laws.
Kosher standards and modern science-based food safety are concerned with preventing the adulteration of food but for fundamentally different reasons. Both involve products, ingredients, and processes. Yet, there are vast differences in intent and focus.

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