On the Tencer & Grose Show: Food Safety Issues in Canada

Food Safety Issues in Canada on Tencer and Grose

According to Public Health Agency of Canada, four million Canadians will come down with food poisoning this year. You would think that in today’s day and age, foodborne illness wouldn’t be an issue anymore, especially with the food you buy in the supermarket. But is that true?

Dan Tencer and Andrew Grose interview Steven Burton, food technology expert and creator of the Icicle HACCP software system in this live radio interview (starting at 22:00). They discuss the prevalence of foodborne illness stemming from food safety issues in Canada, which foods are safest to eat (processed vs. unprocessed, organic vs. non-organic, cooked vs. uncooked, etc.), and new regulations like the Safe Food for Canadians Act. During the conversation, they discover how the Icicle food safety platform directly addresses many of the complex problems that lead to food safety failures.

“The idea is that food safety shouldn’t necessarily be hard. We wanted to develop a system so that somebody armed with a smartphone and internet connection could develop a relatively comprehensive food safety plan, anywhere in the world.” – Steven Burton



About Steven Burton & Icicle

Steven Burton is the creator of Icicle, a food production management platform that moves food companies to an intelligent cloud system that simplifies operations. Our technology connects quality assurance, traceability, food safety, and vendor management into a single, unified digital platform. Through technological excellence, Icicle enables improved quality standards, production efficiency, and expands growth opportunities for all types of food businesses.

We at Icicle Technologies Inc. began from the belief that food safety should be simple, no matter the local regulations, types of products, or number of facilities. Launched as a start-up in Richmond, BC, Canada in 2013, Icicle was created to help small and mid-sized companies digitize their operations and generate HACCP plans in just one click. As our user base grew, so did our technology and our our ability to meet the needs of our clients. Icicle quickly rolled out new features to keep our clients on top of market demands and regulatory requirements. In 2016, Icicle officially outgrew our original food safety scope. With the integration of vendor management, enhanced traceability, inventory control, and more, we have expanded our vision for Icicle to encompass the entire food production process.

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