Burton Software Responds to Automation World with SaaS for Food Manufacturers

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Steven Burton, founder of Burton Software Inc., which offers the first affordable cloud-based solution to improve the safety of the world’s food supply, responded to an Automation World article written by Deputy Editor Renee Robbins Bassett.

According to Bassett, “While there aren’t enough cloud-based plant applications on the market today to drive on-premise solutions into extinction any time soon, options for manufacturers are certainly growing, and users are considering them. Following years of limited capital spending during the recession, many industrial companies are ready to invest in SaaS and other software development and deployment methods that deliver industrial software over the cloud.”

Burton agrees with Bassett noting, “It is not an issue of if manufacturers switch to cloud-based SaaS solutions, but when. The primary drivers are the economies of scale offered by huge cloud infrastructure providers and through aggregating functionality by SaaS vendors. This is particularly true in the food manufacturing sector.”

Burton added, “Our solution, Icicle, an advanced SaaS system designed to improve food safety, was developed in order to satisfy the needs of food processors that do not generally have highly developed IT infrastructure. There are few good solutions to the issue of food safety on the market and those that exist are prohibitively expensive for most small and medium-sized enterprises. As a result, few companies today have any technological solution to address the issue of food safety. Companies rely upon manual processes to prevent the outbreak of food borne illness but these processes can fail as the efforts of personnel are increasingly consumed by administering paperwork, leaving less time to actually prevent hazardous situations from occurring. For the first time, these companies now have the opportunity to deploy a large enterprise-grade solution that automates food safety management at a price point they can afford. This advance is not limited to our area of expertise but is occurring broadly across the industry in everything every aspect of software from sales through to shipping.”

About Burton Software and Cloud-based Icicle HACCP Solution

Icicle, the flagship technology of Burton Solutions enables companies involved in the production, processing, and distribution of food products to develop and verify food safety plans. Icicle is the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) solution that improves the quality and safety of products by developing tools that manage food safety plans, document procedures, and carry out inspections.

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