4 Ways Icicle Makes Food Safety Audits a Breeze

Prepare for Food Safety Audits and Inspections with Icicle

Preparing for audits is one of the most burdensome tasks of running a food production facility. It’s tedious, it involves a ton of paperwork, and it’s a painful reminder of the inevitable inspections and audits in your future.

The sooner you get your ducks in a row, the easier it’ll be once audit time arrives. However, even proactive businesses often struggle to stay on top of hazard updates, new ingredients, and changing operating procedures. The reason? Manually managing this information is inefficient and time-consuming.

We engineered Icicle to not only make initial preparations quick and simple, but to make maintaining those documents and records easy as well. Let’s walk through four ways Icicle makes preparing for audits a breeze.

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